Strip-Tillage Product Roundup 2014



"Product Roundup" of the latest Strip-Tillage offerings from some of the industry's leading suppliers.


Dawn Pluribus Strip-Till Unit


Perfect spring or fall whether running in wheat straw, bean stubble or standing corn stalks, the Dawn Pluribus strip-till unit is the right tool for the job. Apply any combination of liquid or dry fertilizers. Stay well ahead of your planter by running up to 10 mph, with as little as 10 horsepower per row. Plant into a clean, warm, dry, almost conventional-like strip, yet leave all residue on the surface. Make money, instead of tying up nitrogen. With less fuel, time, fertilizer, equipment and moisture loss, it all adds up to more profit in your pocket.

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Environmental Tillage Systems Soil Warrior


Environmental Tillage Systems Soil Warrior is referred to by advocates as the premier “zone-till” system. Soil Warrior provides targeted seed zone preparation, while blending fertilizer throughout the root zone, and prepares the soil for great seed emergence. The Soil Warrior leaves the majority of the soil naturally mulched and untouched each year. Most no-till and strip-tillage systems rely heavily on knives or shanks. Soil Warrior’s patented rolling cog wheel fractures soil compaction in a narrow zone, providing highly effective, low-impact soil treatment in the plant’s growth zone.

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Blu-Jet® Galaxy™


For more than four decades, Blu-Jet has been an innovative leader in fertilizer injection and tillage equipment for the agricultural industry — the newest of which is the Blu-Jet StripTill Narrow Transport tillage bar. It breaks the limitations of other strip-till implements by offering row-unit components that work individually with the soil, residue and obstacles to maximize performance while reducing maintenance requirements compared to most competitive units. With the ability to apply dry, liquid or dual-placement fertilizer solutions, these award-winning components fit any operation. The 15.2-by-15.2-cm main frame, backed by Blu-Jet’s 5-year frame warranty, equals years of dependable service.

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Maverick HR Plus from Yetter Mfg.


The Maverick HR Plus from Yetter features universal mounting brackets, parallel linkage, adjustable depth wheels, optional residue managers and adjustable disc sealers. These features and the available options of rolling basket and vertical-tillage attachments allow the Maverick to be adjusted for your farming operations. Also, the rock-trip auto reset allows the knife to reset after encountering an obstacle. The Maverick can be employed for both fall and spring use. It’s available for application of dry and liquid fertilizer, anhydrous or any combination.

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Great Plains Mfg. Nutri-Pro®


Great Plains’ innovative Nutri-Pro® Precision models are designed to apply liquid fertilizer while simultaneously removing residue and vertically strip-tilling the planting zone, promoting fast, even emergence in the newly cleaned, warmed and fertile seedbed. They allow the producer to pre-apply liquid fertilizer in the spring – just prior to planting – replacing traditional methods of applying nutrients in the fall to eliminate winter nitrogen losses. Patent-pending Quik-Tach™ Coulters allow the three-coulter Nutri-Pro Precision models to be easily converted from pre-apply to sidedress so fertilizer can be applied after the plants have emerged, ensuring nutrients reach the plant directly for maximum benefit and reduced waste.

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New 1tRIPr XD from Orthman


Orthman offers the 1tRIPr XD with configurations from 8 to 18 rows and a full range of high-capacity dry and liquid fertilizer carrying capabilities. Available with 6- or 9-ton dry fertilizer packages or a 1,000-gallon liquid capacity, the 1tRIPr XD has an optional rear hitch for use with anhydrous. The new drawn 1tRIPr XD offers high efficiency with rugged, large-frame designs. Engineered and built to last for years of production, the 1tRIPr XD manages all three principles of precision tillage — ideal seedbed preparation, precision nutrient placement and optimal root-zone conditioning — all in a single pass, and provides them in a variety of field conditions, including wheat stubble, cover crops and standing Bt corn stalks.

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The Strip Cat from Twin Diamond


The Strip Cat strip-till machine is fully adjustable to field conditions and can be set for either liquid or dry fertilizer applications. From 4- to 24-row options and 40- to 20-inch row spacings, the Strip Cat improves fertilizer efficiency and increases seed germination. The Strip Maker is an adaptation of the Strip Cat and allows for on-time planting of crops in wet, cold soil conditions. Fall-built strips can be refreshed in the spring and nutrients can also be applied with low horsepower requirements. The Strip Maker duplicates the benefits of no-tillage, strip-tillage and conventional tillage.

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Dry Fertilizer Carts from Montag Mfg.


Montag Mfg. has become recognized as one of the most technologically advanced equipment companies in the dry fertilizer business. From its unique air flow chambers to low horsepower requirements, Montag units are not only the most accurate in row-to-row applications, but the most efficient for horsepower required to operate the system. Montag dry fertilizer units come in 6- and 9-ton sizes with row outlet sizes of 8, 12, 16 and 24. All sizes are available in a high-output version for applications requiring large amounts of fertilizer (up to 1,000 pounds per acre at 5 mph). Our standard units adequately control rates as low as 30 pounds per acre up to 600 pounds per acre.

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