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The only conference focused 100% on equipping you to run a more profitable precision farming business. Two days of unlimited learning and networking with the best minds in precision farming today.

Here are just a few of the top precision experts who spoke at the 2018 event. 

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P&C Ag Solutions,
Reese, Mich


 Precision Ag Coordinator
Southern States Cooperative
Richmond, Va.


Advanced Cropping
Systems Manager

Central Valley Ag
Randolph, Neb.


Precision Farming Manager
Stotz Equipment
Casa Grande, Ariz.

  • Mike Houghtaling, President, P&C Ag Solutions, Reese, Mich.
    Keeping a precision farming staff productive is a key to running a profitable business. Since forming P&C Ag Solutions in the late 1990s as an independent technology service provider, Houghtaling has continuously evolved and occasionally, reinvented the company. A willingness to experiment with niche product and service offerings brings both opportunities and challenges. Houghtaling shares his management strategies for stocking smart with precision parts, practical billing practices to increase efficiency and the value of employee incentives.
  • Chris Conway, Precision Ag Coordinator, Southern States Cooperative, Richmond, Va.  (2017 Most Valuable Dealership)
    Unlike traditional farm equipment dealerships, Southern States Cooperative doesn’t sell hardware or machinery, and agronomy services account for nearly 50% of total annual revenue for the 200,000 member co-op. In fiscal year 2016, $679 million of the company’s $1.6 billion in revenue came from it’s agronomy division. Conway discusses how banking on the agronomic origins of precision farming is the cornerstone of Southern States' “decision ag” business model that is modern and innovative, but also transparent and practical. 
  • T.J. Stauffer, Precision Ag Recruiter, Agri-Search
    It’s easy to let the bottom line be the sole measurement of success or failure of a precision farming business. But after crunching the numbers, management needs to understand how they arrived at those sales and service figures — positive or negative. This starts with a realization that the greatest investment dealerships are making in the profitability of their precision business is their employees, says T.J. Stauffer, precision farming recruiter with Rich Connell Agri-Search. “Hiring is not the biggest issue when it comes to precision employees,” he says. “Everyone is looking for Superman. But the reality is, dealerships need to create an environment and culture where anyone can succeed if they want to run a profitable business.” Gaining a unique insider’s perspective on the people side of the precision industry, Stauffer shares his advice and experience for maximizing performance, retention and stability of a precision farming business as drivers of profit.
  • Joel Kaczynski, Product Specialist Manager, RDO Equipment Co., Moorhead, Minn. (Dealership of the Year)
    RDO Equipment, a 75 location dealership, was able to draw on internal experience when it formally hired its first agronomist about 5 years ago. Coming from an agronomy background,Kaczynski, was a recognizable and trusted face with customers to help the dealership evolve into the agronomic business. He details the dynamics of a profitable agronomic partnership and why getting a seat at a customer’s table during the decision-making process is a primary objective for entering the agronomic market as collaborators, not competitors.
  • Keith Byerly, Advanced Cropping Systems Manager, Central Valley Ag, Randolph, Neb.
    With 40 agronomy locations across eastern Nebraska, and parts of Iowa, and Kansas, CVA has a diverse and expansive customer base, which requires a flexible core of precision advisors. Byerly joined CVA 15 years ago and today, oversees 9 people dedicated to the data management side, 3 who work on the equipment side and 2-3 staff agronomists per location. Approaching its precision business with an “agronomy-first” objective, Byerly shares how the retailer routinely delivers 2-1 returns on customers’ agronomic service investments and maintains a 90% customer retention rate for its precision business.
  • Layne Richins, Precision Farming Manager, Stotz Equipment, Casa Grande, Ariz. (2013 Dealership of the Year)
    Rather than maintain a separate Integrated Solutions department, Stotz Equipment, a 25 location dealership chose to run its precision business through the service department. Since 2013, Precision Farming Manager Layne Richins, has divided his responsibilities between being service manager at the dealership’s Casa Grande, Ariz., location and the precision farming coordinator for all of Stotz’s stores. The job diversity requires a streamlined, yet comprehensive communication strategy, training structure and measurable metrics from the top down to meet customer and dealership expectations. Richens shares his managerial roadmap for balancing profitability and progressiveness through collaborative troubleshooting and delegating, along with how to sidestep communication land mines that can cripple productivity.

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Building on the success of the first two Precision Farming Dealer Summits, and responding to dealers’ call for a continuing learning-intense experience, the 2018 event was built around the theme of “Bridging the Precision Profitability Gap.”

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