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Topcon Agriculture


Topcon Agriculture provides solutions for every phase of the farming cycle. Its product brands include Topcon, Topcon Elektronik, Digi-Star, NORAC and RDS Technology. Topcon Agriculture strives to develop highly-compatible products that can be retro-fitted on nearly every make and model of current machinery. From water conservation, animal feeding, planting, spraying and harvest products to cloud-based file storage and software enabling analysis and planning, Topcon Agriculture is at the forefront of smart-technology and integration of connected solutions across the entire farming operation.


Yetter Mfg. Co.


With more than 83 years of solutions for agriculture, Yetter is recognized as the leader in designing planter attachments, precision fertilizer placement tools and bulk-seek handling products. Thousands of farmers around the world rely on Yetter to provide innovate solutions for their production agriculture operations. From extensive experience comes real, practical solutions for tough farming conditions.


Montag Manufacturing


At Montag Mfg., we specialize in fertilizer equipment. Our complete fertilizer application system will help you start reaping the benefits of deep band fertilizer; it adapts to most field applications where liquid or dry fertilizer banding is preferred. Our high capacity, auto steering fertilizer caddy "steers" itself to precisely follow in the tracks of any implement. The two-wheeled unit is designed primarily to deep band granular fertilizer, but can also be used in any row crop applications - liquid or dry.


Reichhardt Electronic Innovations


Established in 2006, Reichhardt Electronic Innovations Inc was formed to introduce an automated steering product for self-propelled farm equipment that is accurate, repeatable, versatile, and easy to retrofit into existing farm equipment. Reichhardt provides both GPS and sensor guidance solutions. Pilot System Reichhardt (PSR) guides steering through the machine’s ISOBUS using integrated hydraulics and electronics in combination with the ISO VT and GPS receiver of your choice. PSR is capable of sensor input via ultrasonic, mechanical or tactile sensors in place of GPS. With PSR the choice of precision components is yours. You can mix and match brands to fit your operation’s needs.




The world's #1 developer of precision agriculture solutions, AgDNA is an enterprise level precision farming platform that combines data science and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to help commercial crop producers increase yield, reduce input costs and maximize farm profitability. The company's innovative technology is revolutionizing agriculture and its mission is to help farmers respond to the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today. AgDNA is an independent, privately owned company, founded on a culture of technical innovation, real-world practicality and long-term relationships.


LaForge Systems Inc.


Laforge Systems Inc. celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2016 as the only North American company devoted 100% to supporting dealers and customers with hitch technology for tractors. Competitors come and go, but Laforge is still here. Laforge is committed to helping today's farmer, and other operators of agricultural tractors, to maximize productivity and save money.


DigiFarm VBN


DigiFarm is committed to providing the highest accuracy, reliability, and security for your precision farming systems. From our ever-expanding RTK Virtual Base Network to our Apple MFi certified Beacon v3.0 wireless data streaming device, DigiFarm has what you need to take your farm to the next level of accuracy. DigiFarm aims to provide the most accurate RTK corrections and the most innovative products with industry exclusive technologies. All this while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction at industry leading pricing.


Charter Software Inc.


Charter Software Inc. partners with servicing dealers & distributors to promote mutual success through use of our technology-based management tools. ASPEN is an affordable, Microsoft-based Business Management System used by hundreds of equipment dealers across North America to better run their business and positively impact their bottom line.




When lives are on the line and time is short, we make certain. Where distances are great, or the terrain is difficult—we make certain. Through our breakthrough, small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Tactical Missile Systems, we give soldiers the potentially life-saving information they need to engage and farmers the key data they need to grow. When it matters most, we give people the intelligence they need to decide with confidence and—proceed with certainty.




Farming is a very relationship-oriented business.  Praxidyn is no different for us.  We look forward to meeting our customers and serving them well. The products that we build will automate processes around the farm.  We believe that data should be collected automatically as you work and be available at your fingertips on your smartphone or in the office. Mixmate and Intersect are the foundations that we will build upon.


Ag Leader


Ag Leader is considered the leading innovator in precision-farming technology with the most complete package of products designed to help farmers plan, plant, apply and harvest more accurately, efficiently and profitably.


Precision Planting


Founded in 1993, Precision Planting began developing planter add-ons to achieve precise depth and spacing during planting. Today, the company is a technology leader that develops the latest software, hardware and after-market production equipment to help farmers plant, harvest and analyze data from each field to improve yield and productivity.

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