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DigiFarm is a proven leader in providing Correction Services across the Midwest via cellular based RTK. We have been working with farmers, ag retailers, and precision ag dealers since 2011.

DigiFarm is “brand neutral” meaning we offer corrections to every brand of GPS receiver, including John Deere. In the past we have offered single base RTK corrections, delivering the signal over the internet (with cell modems) to the tractor or rover GPS receiver. Our reliable network has allowed us to grow and provide RTK in states where there are free services available.

Our customers’ success stories and word of mouth advertising has grown DigiFarm into a network consisting of bases across multiple states.


Laforge Systems Inc.

Laforge Systems, LLC is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year as the only North American company devoted 100% to supporting dealers and customers with hitch technology for tractors. Competitors come and go, but Laforge is still here. Laforge is committed to helping today's farmer, and other operators of agricultural tractors, to maximize productivity and save money.



Ag Express Electronics

Ag Express® Electronics is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2022! We are a 100% employee-owned company specializing in products, repair, calibration, and maintenance of electronics equipment used in agriculture and other industries. Our employee-owners combine their expertise in these areas and use their problem-solving, customer-first approach to support over 2,000 products.

Additional services include designing and producing custom wiring harnesses and after-market interfacing of competitive OEM implements and machinery. We are here to provide possibilities!

Founded in 1992, Ag Express Electronics serves customers primarily in North America and globally from our locations in Grand Island, Nebraska; Des Moines, Iowa; Sulphur Springs, Indiana; and Warren, Indiana. More at www.agexpress.com.



Since 1991, Martin Industries has designed, manufactured and sold leading agriculture equipment across the U.S. and Canada. Known for Martin-Till planter attachments, the company has expanded to include a five-step planting system, closing wheel systems, twisted drag chains, fertilizer openers, weight transfer systems, and more in their lineup. Their durable and reliable planter attachments are making it possible for more and more farmers to plant into higher levels of residue.



As a partner for precision farming, Reichhardt has also made a name for itself in North America with agricultural manufacturers, dealers and farmers over the past 15 years. Niche products adapted to the special requirements in the corn belt, interfaces to proven products on the market, sensor-based alternatives to GPS-based standard solutions create added value.

We strive to provide our customers and the people who want to grow with us the appropriate contacts and information. The design and transparency of our companies as well as our sales structures contribute to this. In addition, you can be sure that no matter what request you contact us with or which contact person, your inquiry is welcome and will be cared for.


Dinamica Generale

DINAMICA GENERALE is a leading global manufacturer of weighing systems, electronic sensors, customizable solutions and global leader in NIR technology. The company with headquarters in Italy, was founded in 1990 and is now a respected name throughout the globe for quality, innovation and reliability. 

At Dinamica Generale, we aim at providing innovative market-oriented electronic solutions and offer a comprehensive portfolio of electronic field-specific solutions enabling the integrated control of agricultural process. Our extensive experience in designing and integrating weighing sensors together with our specific knowledge in developing NIR (Near Infrared) solutions has lead us to deliver what matters, results!




SureFire Ag Systems

SureFire Ag Systems was founded in August 2007 to help producers become more efficient by applying the right product, in the right place, at the right rate. At that time, GPS technology was being rapidly adopted by many farmers. With this new GPS technology came an opportunity to help producers more precisely apply fertilizer, chemical, seed, and other crop inputs.