Considerations for Moving Obsolete Precision Equipment
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Considerations for Moving Obsolete Precision Equipment

Kevin Depies with Ritchie Implement in Cobb, Wis., and John Bachhuber with McFarlane's Equipment in Sauk City, Wis., share their experience-based tips for selling and stocking aging precision ag equipment.

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For the 4th consecutive year, Precision Farming Dealer is sponsoring its “Most Valuable Dealership” awards program to recognize North America’s best precision farming dealers.

Dealers, manufacturers and others are invited to participate by nominating top dealers from across North America. There is no limit to the number of nominations that an individual can submit.


From the Virtual Terminal

  • Todd Janzen

    Are Farmers Hitting the Brakes on New Technology?

    A recent post by Greg "Machinery Pete" Peterson got me thinking that increasing values on used tractors might be reflecting a different trend — is it possible the rise in used machinery prices is a sign of farmer backlash against new technology?
  • Guiding Strip-Tillers

    Guiding Strip-Tillers to Success with Precision

    As precision farming practices continue to infiltrate more farms overall, technology is an essential part of strip-tillers' operations. Talking with farm equipment dealers, several have cited strip-till products as an emerging opportunity to complement sales of GPS systems and RTK subscriptions.
  • Taking a Colorblind Approach to Precision Guidance

    Today, many farmers are introduced to precision agriculture through their equipment dealer. When someone purchases a Case IH tractor, it comes with a Trimble GPS system. If they buy a John Deere tractor, it comes with a Deere system. Regardless, farmers are told that each requires a separate network to access the necessary RTK corrections.
  • Precision Farming Data: Rented, Leased or Owned?

    In September, I will be cutting the last electronic check for our family sedan, after what has seemed like an eternity of monthly payments. Thankfully, the car should outlive the term of the loan (knock on wood) and provide transport to many a baseball practice or weekend getaway in the future.

Recent Webinar

Optimizing Your Dealership Systems to Improve Precision Profitability

Steve Cubbage, founder of Record Harvest, a precision farming company in Nevada, Mo., has first-hand experience implementing and evolving business management systems to improve efficiency. Cubbage understands both the business and technological savvy required to successfully manage a precision farming company. Carving out a unique niche within the industry, he’s moved to a single dealer management system to help grow the company’s hardware, services and subscription-based business.

In this webinar, Cubbage, explains how the move has significantly improved his businesses productivity, profitability and visibility, while providing immediate returns and future return on investment.

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2015 AEI Dealer Business Outlook and Trends - Farm Equipment Forecast (PDF)

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