The Value of Mobile Precision Training for Farm Customers
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The Value of Mobile Precision Training for Farm Customers

Marc Yoder, Regional Director of Precision Ag for Hoober Inc., provides an overview of the dealership's mobile training trailer and discusses some of the benefits of the unique precision farming customer touchpoint.

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From the Virtual Terminal

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    I've never been one for the annual Black Friday shopping mayhem that attracts bargain hunters like moths to the commercial flame. But a couple years ago, I was convinced that we needed a new laptop computer, and what better time to purchase one than on the day when prices are seemingly at their lowest.
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    Remote Service Moving Closer to Mainstream Convenience

    There is ongoing movement toward more efficient, and ideally more profitable, remote support options. Throughout the last several months, dealers I’ve had the chance to visit have cited telematics as a high priority to increase precision service revenue and performance in the future.
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    Farm Data in Custom Farming Contracts

    As custom harvesters make their way across the U.S. and Canada this summer, I keep wondering what happens to all that yield data these machines are collecting.

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For the 4th consecutive year, Precision Farming Dealer is sponsoring its “Most Valuable Dealership” awards program to recognize North America’s best precision farming dealers.

Dealers, manufacturers and others are invited to participate by nominating top dealers from across North America. There is no limit to the number of nominations that an individual can submit.

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Webinar: Optimizing Your Dealership Systems to Improve Precision Profitability

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Steve Cubbage, founder of Record Harvest, a precision farming company in Nevada, Mo., has first-hand experience implementing and evolving business management systems to improve efficiency.

In this webinar, Cubbage explains how the move has significantly improved his businesses productivity, profitability and visibility, while providing immediate returns and future return on investment.

This event is brought to you free courtesy of Precision HQ.

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2015 AEI Dealer Business Outlook and Trends - Farm Equipment Forecast (PDF)

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