Precision Farming by Remote Control Improves Efficiency & Payback

Precision Farming by Remote Control Improves Efficiency & Payback

Spanning two southern states, Blythe Cotton Co. relies on cutting-edge farm technology to stay connected and keep operators productive.

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Most Valuable Dealership

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For the 4th consecutive year, Precision Farming Dealer is sponsoring its “Most Valuable Dealership” awards program to recognize North America’s best precision farming dealers.

Dealers, manufacturers and others are invited to participate by nominating top dealers from across North America. There is no limit to the number of nominations that an individual can submit.


From the Virtual Terminal

  • Adam Gittins

    Auto Steer – Luxury or Valuable Tool?

    This week I was very thankful to have an autosteer system while performing planting especially since it is always so hard to tell how far away from the previous pass you are.
  • Broad Business Benefits from Precision Technology

    I just read the article in Precision Farming Dealer in which Ag Info Tech was identified as the Most Valuable Dealership ("Selling Precision Partnerships with Purpose & Profitability", Precision Farming Dealer, Winter 2015) and would like to offer my congratulations both in this recognition but maybe even more in being able to build your idea into a business.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Putting Pre-Season Precision Service in Perspective

    While still on the cusp of planting season, precision specialists have been feeling the service pressure build for several weeks. Checking in with a few dealers recently, they didn't mince words with how hectic it's been.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Look for that Precision Diamond in the Rough

    Creative thinking is a mandatory skill for most precision farming specialists. This applies not only to troubleshooting a technical problem in the field, but also seeking out new sales opportunities.

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Data Privacy & Protection: What Dealers Need to Know to Avoid Risk

Date: Thursday, April 23, 2015
Time: 11 am Central time

Lance Formwalt, leads the Equipment Dealer practice group at Seigfreid Bingham in Kansas City, Mo., and serves as legal counsel for individual farm equipment dealerships and several North American dealer associations. In this live webinar event, Formwalt will share tips and tactics dealers can utilize to protect themselves and their customers from precision data disasters, along with what to expect in the future.

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2015 AEI Dealer Business Outlook and Trends - Farm Equipment Forecast (PDF)

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Pushing Up Profits With Precision Farming

Pushing Up Profits With Precision Farming

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Precision Farming Dealer paid print subscription

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