Where are you finding the most success recruiting precision farming staff?
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Where are you finding the most success recruiting precision farming staff?

Local educational institutions? Other dealerships/precision farming companies? Industries outside of agriculture? Haven't found a good source?

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From the Virtual Terminal

  • Jack Zemlicka

    How Stable is Your Precision Workforce?

    Having lunch recently with a longtime friend in the technology business who is notoriously nomadic when it comes to employment, we casually debated the plusses and minuses of job flexibility vs. career stability.
  • ID That Connector: Making the Proper Connection

    As we continue in this series, the last connector might be the AMP connector. These were very popular years ago with Dickey-john radar, controllers and planter monitors and are still used today.
  • What Makes Ag Data 'Ownership' Unique

    The concept of ag data "ownership" is not recognized by U.S. law. Farmers like to say they own their ag data, but the reality is that "ownership" is a legal principle that must be recognized by law.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Moving Customers from Precision to Digital Farming

    It’s increasingly common to hear dealers and other agricultural industry experts simply refer to precision farming as farming. With the ongoing integration of technology into machinery, auto-steer and GPS systems have become almost as standard as in-cab features as air conditioning.

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For the 4th consecutive year, Precision Farming Dealer is sponsoring its “Most Valuable Dealership” awards program to recognize North America’s best precision farming dealers.

Dealers, manufacturers and others are invited to participate by nominating top dealers from across North America. There is no limit to the number of nominations that an individual can submit.

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Webinar: Optimizing Your Dealership Systems to Improve Precision Profitability

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Steve Cubbage, founder of Record Harvest, a precision farming company in Nevada, Mo., has first-hand experience implementing and evolving business management systems to improve efficiency.

In this webinar, Cubbage explains how the move has significantly improved his businesses productivity, profitability and visibility, while providing immediate returns and future return on investment.

This event is brought to you free courtesy of Precision HQ.

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2015 AEI Dealer Business Outlook and Trends - Farm Equipment Forecast (PDF)

2015 AEI Dealer Business Outlook and Trends - Farm Equipment Forecast (PDF)

Based on surveys from more than 300 North American dealers, not only does the 2015 forecast report give you a "from the trenches" look at what dealers see for equipment sales in the year ahead, but it also identifies trends for individual product sales growth. In 48 pages, the report breaks out the dealers' 2015 outlook by country, by region, by the equipment brand and by the size of their dealership.
Pushing Up Profits With Precision Farming

Pushing Up Profits With Precision Farming

Examine cutting edge precision farming practices including variable-rate seeding, precision spraying and implement steering to improve accuracy and maximize profit.
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