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Yetter 2940 Air Adjust Series


With the innovative 2940 Air Adjust Series from Yetter, you can adjust up and down pressure with the touch of a button, creating the ideal “ride” for the floating row cleaner. The in-cab controller allows for quick adjustments with five programmable settings. For 2015, Yetter is offering Hydraulic Compressors for use with the Pneumatic Hydraulic Control Kit, giving Yetter customers air source options for their 2940 Air Adjust attachments. The 2940 Series of products includes the 2940 Residue Manager, Coulter/Residue Manager Combo, Firming Wheel, Rolling Basket and Floating Residue Manager Basket Combo.

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Yetter 2968 Off-The-Row Fertilizer Opener


The 2968 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Opener achieves consistent off-the-row starter or nitrogen fertilizer placement. This attachment fits on mounted and pull-type planters. It can be set to apply fertilizer up to 2 inches over and 2 inches deep. The 2968 has a unique and compact design for mounting between the planter gauge wheel and planter closing wheels, allowing the use of other attachments on the front of the row unit. The 2968 provides a lower cost fertilizer placement option for today’s agriculture operations.

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Yetter 2968 Off-The-Row Fertilizer Opener


Option 1: 6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheels reduce sidewall compaction around the seed and ensure seed trench closure. As the spike wheels break apart the sidewalls of the seed trench, they leave loose soil around the seed to fully close the seed trench in challenging soil conditions. Option 2: 6200 Paddle Wheels break down the sidewalls of the seed trench and press the soil toward the seed. They remove sidewall compaction and completely close the seed trench while firming the soil around the seed to achieve an even seed-to-soil contact in varying soil conditions.

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Schaffert Mfg. Chicken Tracker


Fly the coop with Schaffert Mfg.'s Chicken Track Press Wheel. Standard rubber tires routinely conduct "fowl" play by smearing soil, compacting sidewalls and creating air pockets. The new Chicken Tracker for Case IH planters features a durable design to break up soil and enhance seed-to-soil contact. The Chicken Tracker struts along a big track on small round tines, resisting root balls as it firms soil around the seed. Like a warm incubator, the seeds' soil nest is ideal for plant growth. Quit playing chicken with your yields and start putting more eggs in your baskets. Because you need to rule your roost; call 800-382-2607.

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Schaffert Mfg. 2x2 Liquid Fertilizer Tube for Case IH


Our new fertilizer tube mounts directly to Case IH planter units and moves independently of the covering disc bracket. Its compact design injects fertilizer directly into the slice opened by the Case IH leading cover disc. The tube places fertilizer precisely where you want it — 2-by-2 to give roots early access to the nutrients needed for optimal plant growth. The fertilizer is incorporated into moist soil, so it will not splash on the planter, press wheels or on top of the ground. This keeps the standard or Chicken Track press wheels from building up with mud. Learn more by calling 800-382-2607.

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Sunco Floating Saber Tooth Trash Discs


Your planter has parallel linkage so why don’t your row cleaners? The Sunco Floating Saber Tooth Trash Discs have all the same field-proven advantages of the original Saber Tooth: Disc concavity, exclusive tooth design and disc separation. The industry exclusive parallel-linkage arms allow for optimal performance at all locations of travel, following the contours of the field and consistently clearing residue. The maintenance-free polymer depth bands prevent soil buildup and provide flotation in soft soil conditions to prevent gouging. For more information, contact Sunco Marketing online or toll free at 800-676-2146.

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Sunco Nutri Mate 3 Fertilizer Placement Unit


Agronomic Studies have shown that 2-by-2 starter fertilizer placement creates the largest yield increase of any starter treatment due to the fertilizer being placed directly in the root zone. The Nutri Mate 3 row-mounted unit’s design utilizes one smooth disc and one notched disc to maintain positive rotation through the heaviest trash to prevent plugging. The Sunco unit is pulled through the field and has a 10-degree pivot, reducing bearing and disc fatigue, eliminating parallel linkage stress and minimizing seedbed disturbance. The Nutri Mate 3 offers numerous placement options and can be used in conjunction with Sunco Saber Tooth Row Cleaners.

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Precision Planting FieldView


FieldView is the HD-mapping, take-anywhere, accessible and actionable tool for your fields. Operating remotely and securely in the Cloud all your maps, yield comparisons, test results and more are there. But data alone can’t drive decisions. Above all, FieldView is about making connections. With the SplitView feature, you can view yield and hybrid choice side by side and see what actions cause what reactions. With the RemoteView feature, you can see multiple tractors or combines in the field, no matter where you are, for farm management on the go. Plus, everyone is connected wirelessly, so anyone you want can be in the know. Make the connection today.

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Copperhead Ag Furrow Cruiser


The Furrow Cruiser is the most advanced spiked closing wheel on the market today. No other closing system can offer the same firming/crumbling action and be as consistent as these wheels in every planting condition. With built-in depth control, its lightweight, aggressive design allows for seed-slot closure even when field conditions are at the limit. Visit us online today and let us help you get rid of the compaction in your field.

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Poly Tech Planter Parts


A successful crop starts with planting season. A proper seedbed and precise seed placement are vital to a healthy crop. Keeping your equipment maintained with quality parts is critical to your success. Poly Tech carries a line of adjustable planter arms, gauge wheels, closing wheels, seed tubes, bearings and bushings to help you do just that. Our competitive prices are easy on your checkbook, too.

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R K Products Closing Wheel Arm Pivot Kit


The proven RKP Gauge Wheel Arm Pivot Kit for planters was adapted to John Deere no-tlll drills in 1999. With this design, the closing wheel arm is clamped to the bearing housing with enough controlled pressure that lateral looseness is eliminated, yet the arm can pivot freely. Disc springs (Belleville washers) are utilized to permit this. The new design shown incorporates a thread deforming locknut to provide a stronger attachment and also simplifies spring pressure adjustment. Sleeve bearings and seals are also available.

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EGO FlexSeeder


For over a decade, Elliott Mfg. has been providing innovative drive solutions to the agriculture market that eliminates chains, sprockets and double planting. The EGO FlexSeeder is the next step in innovation from Elliott Mfg., transferring rotary power through gearboxes to sequence seed delivery in one application, replacing chain-and-sprocket drives. The fully sealed flexible shaft requires no servicing and gives machine designers an economical and reliable solution capable of a long service life without replacement. EGO FlexSeeder users will realize substantial seed savings and increased yields.

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Pro Mags Gauge Wheels


Pro Mag Gauge Wheels are the only gauge wheels engineered with no-till in mind. They are stronger and lighter than standard gauge wheels, will outperform any other gauge wheel option and enable successful planting through low spots, sloughs, wet or dry conditions. Our self-cleaning gauge wheels allow residue to clean out from behind the wheel, virtually eliminating the need to replace bearings, cast arms and other expensive parts. Pro Mag Radial Scrapers replace standard frame-mounted scrapers and are adjustable. Our blades feature a patented double-torsion system that enables the blade to flex and maintain even contact and tension for optimal scraping.

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Groff Ag Power Row Cleaner 


These self-cleaning finger row cleaners are available as 3- or 6-hole units. The new Power Row Cleaner features individual electronic-driven depth control on the go from within the cab. Groff row cleaners enter soil horizontally and emerge vertically for tangle-free operation and remove residue with minimal disturbance while pulverizing clods. They remove residue from a wider path to reduce planter bounce and ensure more uniform seed depth for improved seed-to-soil contact. The row cleaners minimize wrapping in damp conditions and reduce hairpinning and wedging.

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Groff Ag Power Row Cleaner 


This heavy-duty, liquid-fertilizer attachment allows for precise placement with unmatched accuracy. It features a mounting bracket pre-drilled to fit MaxEmerge, MaxEmerge 2, Kinze and White style planters, as well as Case IH row units. Made from high-tensile, 3/8-inch steel plates, the unit attaches to the left or right side of the mounting bracket. It consists of narrow double-disc, 13½-inch fertilizer blades with a spring-tension inside scraper and standard boxed furrower receptacle. The exactness of this attachment improves operational efficiency.

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TrackTill from Agriculture Concepts


The TrackTill planter kits are the proven solution to pinch-row compaction. Using vertical tillage, TrackTill can increase center row yields by 8 bushels per acre while offsetting up to 4,000 pounds from the planter wheels. With a simple bolt-on design, TrackTill will easily mount to most center-fill planters. With fully adjustable and constant down pressure, TrackTill will effectively fracture compacted tire tracks in rocky and uneven conditions. The innovative tillage tines maintain the soil's integrity and structure, but allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate the compacted zone and create the ideal environment for root growth.

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Vanguard Visu-Flo New for 2015


The Daugherty Companies introduces the Vanguard Visu-Flo System. Replace floating balls and inaccurate monitors with the all-new Vanguard Visu-Flo. Our unique flowmeter design for each row gives precise information on a large 7-inch color touch screen, as well as bar graphs that show relative flow from one row to another. The Vanguard 4000 Series may be used for seed and/or flow, and come in models ranging up to 36 rows. The system can be programmed for two separate flow rates on the same machine, giving the operator the ability to use half-rate nozzles or other flow variations in addition to seeding rate. Choose from a full population model VM-4600 that provides seeds-per-acre and GPA or the more economical model VM-4200/VM-4400 that gives seeds-per-second and GPM readings.

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CleanSweep Row Cleaners from S.I. Distributing


Manage your row cleaner performance from the cab, on the go, with CleanSweep from S.I. Distributing. The dual air cylinder allows you to set and adjust row cleaner down pressure from the cab. Add more pressure to sweep away heavy residue or lighten the pressure to keep the row cleaner floating across the top of the soil in light residue or soft ground. The CleanSweep system includes air cylinders, air tank, compressor and controller. You set the pounds of pressure from the control box mounted in your cab.

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SpikeWheel Liquid Fertilizer Injection


SpikeWheel technology is ideal for no-till systems because it allows farmers to place liquid fertilizer at the plant's root zone for optimal crop uptake with low disturbance. SpikeWheel’s single-pass subsurface liquid injection system places liquid products at an optimal 3½ inches into the soil to give the plant immediate access to nutrients, thus promoting growth. The complete SpikeWheel system is constructed of 304 stainless steel, hardened alloy injection points and nylon hub bushings. It provides superior down pressure in hard soils, sod and no-till systems. Apply up to 38 gallons per acre in 30-inch spacings at up to 6 mph.

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Flo-Rite Seed Firmers


Compared to traditional seed firmer technology, Flo-Rite seed firmers offer a newly improved, revolutionary design. The firmers feature a durable, high-tech memory polymer that provides more consistent down pressure; a replaceable wear plate that reduces maintenance costs; and an enclosed stainless steel liquid tube. Flo-Rite seed firmers gently push the seed securely into the bottom of the seed trench, improving seed-to-soil contact. This practice improves planting depth consistency, leading to better seed germination, more consistent emergence, better stands and more yield. Studies show that even stands can increase yield by more than 5%.

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Schnell Planter Hitch Exclusively Distributed by Lankota


Hitch conversion from 2-point mount to draw bar. Schnell Planter Hitch adapts to ever-increasing size of planters. It provides easy operation with plenty of ground clearance. No welding or modification required on the planter. It is available for John Deere, Case IH and Great Plains planters. Category 4 pintle hitch is standard; Category 5 is optional.

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MudSmith Gauge Wheels


The MudSmith Gauge Wheel utilizes a patent-protected, open-rim design that reduces mud and debris buildup with extreme durability. The modular construction allows every part to be field replaceable. Complete wheels come with durable OEM rubber tires. The MudSmith Cast Iron Bearing Hub reduces wheel wobble and cuts down on time spent changing bearings in one complete, durable housing. Available in 2½-, 3- and 4-inch sizes, the MudSmith is compatible with all brands and models of planters. Visit our website to purchase gauge wheels or hardware direct, see videos of the MudSmith in action or locate dealers.

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Hawkins Planter "N" Forcer


The Hawkins Planter "N" Forcer accurately places liquid fertilizer at a 0- to 5-inch depth, using a solid stream TeeJet stainless steel nozzle. It is excellent for any type of tillage system: no-till, ridge-till or conventional. It is readily adjustable for depth, as well as for a wide range of side placements. The swiveling action allows the “N” Forcer to follow the planter and the spring action prevents the planter from lifting. Mounts are available for John Deere, Kinze, White, Case IH, Monosem and Great Plains planters. It is easily mounted to either the right or left side of the row units and the Planter "N" Forcer is unaffected by trash. Scraper and Spring Pull options are available.

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Pro Stitch Closing Wheels


Pro Stitch wheels are made of a 1-piece UHMW construction, OEM bearings and stainless steel flanges. They are available for John Deere and Case IH planters and air seeders and Kinze and White planters. They gently stitch the seam to eliminate sidewall compaction and provide outstanding seed-to-soil contact. Ideal for cold and wet soils, Pro Stitch wheels are installed in a staggered pattern to provide the nice stitch effect when closing the seed slot. Minimum down pressure is required due to its footprint design. Call 605-487-7766 to learn more.

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Schaffert Mfg. Planter & Drill Attachments


Easy-to-install attachments for all your planting needs: Custom pump systems, 2-by-2 and in-furrow fertilizer solutions, Rebounders to guide seeds to the bottom of the furrow, angled spiked closing wheels and wheel scrapers. Our products fit Case IH, John Deere, Kinze, White and other brands. New for 2015: Screw-in high-pressure injector for 2-by-2 fertilizer, G2 (2-by-2) arm bracket for Kinze and Monosem planters, new Rebounder bracket for Case IH seed boots — call 800-382-2607 for this free update — and the redesigned Case IH press wheel scraper. Check out our new Chicken Tracker press wheel and 2x2 fertilizer tube for Case IH planters.

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