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New to precision ag? Here is an introductory resource for precision specialists and dealerships on baseline products including GPS, auto-steer and training/education information.


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Is All Precision Agriculture Beneficial for the World?

Analysis finds it depends where you farm

A new analysis by Glenn Stone, professor of anthropology and of environmental studies in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., examines how digital technologies are beginning to make inroads into agriculture in lower-income countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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[Podcast] Hiring Interns from Outside of Ag, Precision Advancements and More

This episode of the Precision Farming Dealer podcast features highlights from the top five most-listened-to interviews of 2021.

This episode of the Precision Farming Dealer podcast features highlights from the top five most-listened-to interviews of 2021. Conversations range from practical advice about hiring new dealership staff to precision agriculture’s impact on the environment to interviews with CEOs of two high-profile precision ag tech companies. 

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Timeline Shows Autonomous Vehicles Are Closer Than Some Think

Precision agriculture has been working toward autonomy since 2008.

Bill Lehmkuhl, owner of Precision Agri Services, challenges the notion that autonomous technology in agriculture is still years off in the distance. His timeline of autonomy within precision agriculture highlights the major milestones in autonomous equipment and technology since 2008. 

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Leveraging Data to Control Costs, Improve Outputs

From cutting inputs and “right sizing” equipment to building new customer bases and revenue streams, Mitchell Hora says analyzing a farm’s data will help improve bottom-line decision making.
Mitchell Hora says increasing reliance on bottom line profitability and data driven decisions will be the key that helps him survive and thrive in the future.
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Environmental Benefits of Precision Agriculture in the U.S. study

Crop Yields Could Grow 6% with Broader Adoption of Precision Ag Technology

2021 study highlights the correlation between rising yields and increased adoption of precision agriculture tools.

Precision agriculture technologies provide economic return for farmers while also enhancing sustainability through more efficient use of land, water, fuel, fertilizer and pesticides. A 2021 study reports broader adoption of precision ag technology could increase U.S. annual crop production by an estimated 6%. 

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