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Progressive Sales Model Requires Dealerships to be Proactive, Not Reactive

Progressive Sales Model Requires Dealerships to be Proactive, Not Reactive

Most references to the digital divide have to do with rural connectivity and how easy or difficult it is for farms to maintain internet access. However, Jared Ochs has a different type of digital divide on his mind.
“The digital divide we’re talking about here is transitioning from a legacy model when it comes to selling precision ag hardware, software and services into a new, more progressive model,” Ochs says. 

Industry News

  • Kubota, Topcon Sign Collaborative Smart Agriculture Research Agreement

    The companies will work together to innovate for future commercialization through collaborative research in the field of smart agriculture, bringing together the technologies and know-how developed by each company.
  • Production for Russia's 1st OEM Contract for Autonomous Tractors to Begin in 2022

    Kirovets K-7M agricultural tractors, manufactured by Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod, will be equipped as standard with the AI-based Cognitive Agro Pilot autonomous driving system starting in February of 2022, following a testing phase scheduled to complete in October of 2021. The companies expect production of fully self-driving tractors to start by 2024.

  • AEF Introduces ISOBUS Database App for Confirming Product Compatibility

    The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation is introducing an updated AEF ISOBUS Database app to give agricultural equipment dealers, manufacturers and end users a convenient way to access its database of all ISOBUS compatible products in the world. The free app allows users to easily drill down by brand, product or ISOBUS functionality to confirm product compatibility while in the office or in the field.

  • Aquiline Drones Releases New Online Training Course for Ag Industry

    Aquiline Drones, a drone and cloud solutions company, is offering a new online training course that teaches drone operators and farmers how to better manage agricultural business operations through data using drones and artificial intelligence for immense analysis and revenue-maximizing forecasting.

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From the Virtual Terminal

  • Kim Schimdt

    Battling Burnout & Building Stability

    Customer service and experience are important to every dealership, but what about when that experience comes at the expense of your precision staff? The topic of burnout is nothing new but continues to be something precision staffs are faced with. During a roundtable discussion at this summer’s Dealership Minds Summit, a group of dealers came to the consensus that call volume is the leading cause of burnout for their precision teams.  

  • Rethinking Carbon's 'Additionality' Requirement

    To generate a carbon credit, a producer must demonstrate a metric ton of C02 (or its equivalent in greenhouse gases (GHG)) was sequestered in soil because of the farmers’ efforts. Seems simple enough, but there is usually another requirement called “additionality” that makes this more challenging for many farmers already implementing conservation practices.
  • Are NFTs the Answer to the Ag Data Ownership Question?

    For years, farmers have asked, “Who owns my ag data after I share it with an ag tech company?” This has not been an easy question to answer as a lawyer.
  • Kim Schimdt

    Adapting to a Shifting Market

    It’s not news that the precision farming market is shifting. However, the news earlier this week that CNH Industrial was acquiring Raven Industries certainly came as a surprise.

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[Podcast] Pioneering Precision Ag with Reichhardt Electronic Innovations

In today’s Precision Farming Dealer podcast, Andreas Reichhardt, founder of Reichhardt Electronic Innovations and Jayme Paquin, general manager of Reichhardt Electronic Innovations, discuss the past and future of precision agriculture, recent trends in the market and their predictions for the biggest opportunities for dealers in the next 24 months.

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