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New Holland's NutriSense System Now Integrated with MyPLM Connect Portal

New Holland's NutriSense System Now Integrated with MyPLM Connect Portal

Awarded the Silver Medal at the SIMA Innovation Awards 2021, New Holland's NutriSense System provides farmers with valuable measurements of crop moisture, starch, crude protein, fibre (ADF and NDF), ash and crude fat content in every area of their field.

Industry News

  • USDA Reports 79% of Corn Silking in the U.S.

    According to the most recent USDA crop progress report, some 79% of corn crops were reported silking as of the week ended July 25, in line with the 79% reported silking in the same week last year. The 5-year average for corn silking in the week was 73%.
  • Valmont Reports Ag Sales Up 87.2% in 2Q21

    Global agriculture sales of $282 million increased 87.2% year-over-year, due to higher volumes across all markets, particularly in North America, the Middle East and Brazil, favorable pricing and higher technology sales.
  • Telus Agriculture and Rabobank Acquire Conservis

    Rabobank, the global food and agriculture bank, and TELUS Agriculture, global agriculture technology leader, have acquired Conservis, a company that integrates disparate farm technologies into one streamlined interface to manage the business of farming.
  • Special Pre-Summit Workshop Focuses on Empowering & Engaging Employees

    Tim Norris, former CEO of Ag Info Tech and Belinda Hughes, experienced financial planner, and now co-owners of Box Concepts Consulting LLC, will host an interactive workshop demonstrating essential management tools and encourage you to purposefully work on your business growth plan.
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From the Virtual Terminal

  • Are NFTs the Answer to the Ag Data Ownership Question?

    For years, farmers have asked, “Who owns my ag data after I share it with an ag tech company?” This has not been an easy question to answer as a lawyer.
  • Kim Schimdt

    Adapting to a Shifting Market

    It’s not news that the precision farming market is shifting. However, the news earlier this week that CNH Industrial was acquiring Raven Industries certainly came as a surprise.
  • Using Ag Data to Prove Crop Damage in Court

    Farmers are given many reasons to collect ag data about their farming practices, but using that data in court is rarely one of them. However, at a recent trial about crop damage, we proved just how useful ag data can be to help a court understand complex multi-year, multi-field farming operations.
  • The Environment and Farmers Reap Benefits of Precision Ag Technology

    While precision agriculture is widely used across our industry, some farmers are still skeptical. When farms and traditions are passed from generation to generation, it’s no surprise that sticking to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” methodology is the best way to work in their eyes.

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[Podcast] Understanding the Carbon Cycle with Don Reicosky

In today’s Precision Farming Dealer podcast, Frank Lessiter sits down with retired USDA soil scientist Don Reicosky, a leading expert on carbon cycle management in agriculture. An internationally recognized author and speaker, Reicosky was among the first to research the relationship between C02 and tillage.

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