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Precision Perspective

Strip-Till and Precision Ag: Symbiosis and Opportunity

Strip-till and precision farming — nearly the same age, but different stages of development. Think back to when the first yield monitors were going into combines, and when the first fertilizer applicators were being put on even rows to strip-till instead of the odd row configuration legacy from sidedressing.
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Digital Agriculture is the new term. Mixmate was designed for the Digital Agriculture movement even before it had a name. Automation, data collection and connectivity are all key components of Digital Agriculture. Mixmate is a foundational product to identify and measure products as they are used on the farm. If the records from Mixmate are combined with as-applied records, accounting quality field records can be generated automatically. Our measurement systems will be an integral part of a tracking system from the field to the fork. We are building the electronic and software systems to integrate and collect this data automatically. Praxidyn is influential in the development of data communications standards throughout the world.
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Copperhead Ag

Copperhead Ag Products was formed in the spring of 2009 after Dave and Todd Terveen, local farmers, discussed available closing wheels with Kevin Berg, a machine shop owner. They put their heads together and developed the Furrow Cruiser Spiked Closing Wheel — an option much different than any others on the market. After a few geometry changes to perfect the wheel’s closing action and the ability to slough off mud, the team began to show the product to local farmers. It was a hit! Marketing of the product began in the summer of 2009 to regional farmers, dealers and at farm shows. Copperhead Ag has since expanded into the Midwest region and beyond, with sales reaching to New York, Texas, Argentina and Switzerland.
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