Sabanto with 1st Products and Ag Technologies announce their joint cooperation in developing a revolutionary autonomous solution for the turf farming industry. This collaboration will focus on creating a new monitoring and control system developed by Ag Technologies for 1st Product’s AGRI-vator equipment, integrating seamlessly with the Sabanto Steward™ autonomous system.

This initiative will leverage the expertise of Ag Technologies’ precision ag engineers to develop a system that monitors the operations of AGRI-vator equipment, ensuring optimal safety and performance through advanced fault detection and autonomous control capabilities. The system will be a retrofit kit that may be applied to the latest generation of AGRI-vator equipment.

“We’ve created a world where third parties can freely develop, integrate, and deploy their own autonomous technology in the agriculture industry without asking permission from the incumbents. This partnership will leverage 1st Products and Ag Technologies’ engineering capabilities to accelerate the adoption of technology in the sod industry,” said Craig Rupp, CEO of Sabanto.

“1st Products is eager to offer an enhanced product featuring the latest technology with autonomous capabilities to improve operational efficiencies for our customers. We are committed to advancing the turf industry through technological innovation by bringing this product to market,” said Robert Funk, President of 1st Products.

“Our relationship with 1st Products and Sabanto creates a unique opportunity for us to utilize our experience in the precision ag field, adding additional capabilities to AGRI-vator equipment. Our customers utilizing tractor autonomy are looking for implements that interface with Sabanto’s system, giving them more control of their field operations without being physically present,” noted Brian Kelley, President of Ag Technologies.

Details on the release of this product are yet to be confirmed, as all parties involved are committed to offering growers a product with superior quality and safety features. More information and details on the development of this system will be announced as they become available.

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