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33 Bankable Strategies for Billing Precision Service

Providing reliable service is a source of pride for dealers, but recouping a reasonable return on their time remains a challenge. Because of this, developing more recurring streams of revenue remains a priority for dealers to strengthen customer relationships and create additional equipment sales.
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10 Precision Dealer Tips for Agronomy Acclimation

Hear applicable examples from top-tier managers as agronomic service becomes increasingly commonplace at precision dealerships.
As the 2018 Precision Farming Dealer Benchmark Study reports, dealerships are becoming less dependent on hardware sales and turning more to service-related revenue streams — including agronomy and data management — at considerable year-over-year rates. Respondents from the study appear to have taken notice, as nearly half require internal agronomic training for precision specialists (more than double from 2016).
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Precision Farming Dealer

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