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Dealers often point to market saturation and competition as contributing factors to decreasing margins on precision products.  What if there were more profitable pathways to billing for your precision service?

Precision Farming Dealer has collaborated with a diverse group of retailers of all sizes, colors, and locations to provide YOU with the best advice, insights and experienced-based tips for your precision business.  This FREE eGuide is equipped with 20 proven tips, tactics and techniques for making precision services a recurring revenue stream with your dealership’s precision business.

In this eGuide, Precision Farming Dealer discusses these topics and much MORE!

  • Learn the importance of using your data to identify issues
  • Discover clear and actionable tips to enhancing customer service while keeping track of billing
  • Understand the importance of creating a simple and clear billing structure
  • Enhance your communication between customer and dealership

Discover the more profitable pathways to billing for precision service with these tips and more!

  • DON’T give labor away for free
  • Create a simple and clear billing structure
  • Know your competition and what their costs are
  • Sell a structured product support package that is adaptable to the customer's needs

Learn actionable tips for delivering essential customer service and value while keeping track of billing activity.

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