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Looking Back to Look Forward: Predictions on Autonomy from 2011

This 2011 article, A Report From 25 Years Hence, predicting the future of farm autonomy was cited in examining autonomy’s state in 2023.
The typical U.S. crop farm of 2035 is not that different from the typical farm of 2010, in the same way that the 2010 farm was not the artificially intelligent, self-sufficient, robotic paradise that many predicted way back in 1985.
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Industry Q&A

What Are Your Best & Worst Precision Ideas?

From adding technology-specific product specialists to ineffective remote support, dealers from across the globe share the best and worst precision practices tried in the last 2 years.
In May, we asked Precision Farming Dealer readers to share the best and worst precision agriculture-related idea, practice, technology, etc., implemented at their dealership in the last 2 years and explain what went well or what went wrong.
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8 Tips for Building Better Dealer-Farmer Precision Partnerships

Three farmers and three precision equipment specialists discuss strategies for anticipating service needs, maximizing sales opportunities and avoiding customer conflict.
The business relationship formed between precision farming dealers and farmers can be a complicated one. Farmers have certain expectations and dealers have certain limitations. However, cultivated, well-managed partnerships can be immensely profitable for both parties.
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Precision Farming Dealer Summit 2022 Recap

Shared Values & Vision are Vital to Maintaining Employee Engagement

Consultant and former dealer Tim Norris emphasizes the importance of having cohesive, well-resourced teams for organizational success.

Tim Norris has learned through experience that one of the best ways to generate employee buy-in and maintain high levels of staff motivation is by cultivating a shared vision.

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