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As the 2018 Precision Farming Dealer Benchmark Study reports, dealerships are becoming less dependent on hardware sales and turning more to service-related revenue streams — including agronomy and data management — at considerable year-over-year rates. Respondents from the study appear to have taken notice, as nearly half require internal agronomic training for precision specialists (more than double from 2016).

Precision Farming Dealer collaborated with top precision managers across North America to bring you this FREE eGuide, full of tips and advice to help dealerships implement agronomic services and expand customer support capabilities.

Discover the best ways to ensure employees and customers are fully engaged into the transition to more service-related revenue streams.

In this FREE eGuide you’ll learn tips like these to help get you acclimated with agronomic services:

  • Don’t overstretch the boundaries for an agronomy specialist
  • Field trials are a great way to prove the ROI of new technology
  • Don’t assume your customer’s trusted agronomist knows the latest innovations
  • Extend training efforts to your customer base

Download this eGuide TODAY and be on your way to implementing agronomic services at your dealership and expand your customer support capabilities.

Download this eGuide TODAY and get tips and advice on how to implement agronomic services.

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