Discover the time and money-saving innovation of spray application products, methods and metrics to improve input efficiency.

As precision technology continues to grow, you’re faced with the task of educating your customers on the newest technology for every part of your operation. Recently, crop nutrient and pesticide application spraying technology has introduced new capabilities for reducing chemical usage and gathering data that is crucial to increasing efficiency.

But where do you start in understanding the basics of sprayer practices? We’ve compiled expert advice from precision specialists and researchers to help expand your knowledge of sprayer technology developments and hone in on best practices to share with customers.

Our eGuide, Measuring & Managing Precision Payback with Spraying Technology, brings you the top techniques and considerations when using sprayer technology and trends that you and your customers should watch for. We’ve made it absolutely free to you so you can increase your knowledge of sprayer application technology and help your customers avoid money-wasting spray drift.

This exclusive report details the advantages and techniques for using sprayer application technology. Discover important tips and the basics to increasing precision payback by…

  • Taking care of the basics before adopting new sprayer developments
  • Understanding the trends in ag application technology
  • Exploring developments in site-specific management and VR sprayers

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Knowing the Basics

The best technological developments with sprayers and applying chemicals cannot overcome poor sprayer techniques. For Count Erdal Ozkan, professor and pesticide application technology specialist at the Ohio State University, understanding your sprayer can help reduce customers’ input costs and won’t waste their time — or money — re-spraying the entire field. Some considerations, he says, include…

  • Paying Attention to Spray Pressure
  • Setting Proper Boom Height
  • Using the Correct Nozzle for the Specific Job

What’s Trending in Ag Application Technology?

Ken Giles, University of California-Davis professor of agricultural engineering, says that new innovations, such as variable-rate application, in spraying technology are coming your way, which will require a closer understanding of what different technology does and does not do to better help customers pick the tools their operations need.

Developments in Site-Specific Management & VR Sprayers

For over a decade, industry efforts to provide precise timing and placement of nutrients and chemicals without decreasing crop yields have been at the forefront. New developments in spraying technology have arrived, including…

  • Nozzle-by-nozzle control
  • Fast-acting on-and-off nozzles
  • Variable-rate tree sprayers

These developments are important to know in-depth because they help you —and your customers better understand how they can save money and time avoiding spray drifts and switching to precision sprayer technology.

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