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With so much attention on bottom-line attainment at precision dealerships, it’s easy to let smaller scale objectives fall through the cracks, from succession planning to documenting employee accomplishments. Yet those small, consistent strides to have protocols in place or check-in with staff can make all the difference for staying afloat in crisis.

With only so much time in a day, knowing the most efficient ways to weather the storms of staff shortages, complicated customer requests and employee discontents is crucial. Precision Farming Dealer has collaborated with top precision managers across North America to provide a quick-hitting list of tips for maintaining day-to-day efficiency and morale among employees.

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  • Designating a lead-person for each type of machinery at the dealership
  • Reviewing next-in-line responsibilities should a manager miss time unexpectedly
  • Discussing personal development plans with employees
  • Having short weekly meetings to make sure employees are hitting their goals

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