Farming is challenging, and for California farmers, the pressures of manpower shortages and rising costs are all too real. It’s more important than ever to find ways to streamline operations and maximize profits. That’s where Raven Cart Automation comes in.

For Rick Waterbury, a farmer and precision ag dealer in California, Raven Cart Automation was a game-changer.

“Raven Cart Automation was new technology for us this season,” he said. “And it really helped in the regard of the talent that I have to have in the cart. It just took a lot of the stress out of the combine operator on filling the cart correctly.

But Raven Cart Automation is more than just a convenience. It also minimizes grain spillage, reduces operator stress and increases productivity, saving time and money.

“Raven Cart Automation has been a tremendous help. It has relieved me of one more personnel on our harvest crew,” he said. "With the ability to sync up to six grain cart and combine systems in one operation, it's a versatile solution that can adapt to any farm's needs. The big selling point is that you can free up an employee if you have one cart, or you can get a larger cart instead of having multiple small carts. We were actually able to use one cart to service multiple combines, and we fill the cart all the way full and take it back to the trailer."

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