The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) and AgGateway, two global non-profit associations working to ensure the interoperability between agricultural brands and technology platforms, announced today their participation in the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) second “Celebration of Modern Ag on the National Mall” event. The event will provide the opportunity for the Nation’s policymakers to see that together the associations are providing a foundation that is critical in shaping sustainable agriculture.

Scheduled for May 6 – 8 in the heart of the Nation’s Capital, a record 25 AEM members and 30 AEM partners will have booths along the National Mall highlighting the agricultural equipment industry’s contributions and dedication to a sustainable future of food and farming. The event provides an opportunity for the ag industry and legislators to share in a dialogue together, promoting a better understanding of regulations, compliance and challenges.

Compatible and interoperable systems using data standards developed and implemented through AEF and AgGateway are elemental to bringing greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability, delivering on existing and evolving regulatory requirements for improving sustainability and transparency – for example, the Food and Drug Administration’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint, Section 204(d) of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Both AEF and AgGateway organize the pathways and forums for the equipment manufacturers and other participants in the agricultural industry to collaborate on precision farming technology. 

“We are pleased to be participating alongside AgGateway in AEM’s Ag on the Mall event. The future of food and farming will increasingly be data driven, and the ability to understand, exchange and transform data into insights is made possible due to the interoperability that AEF and AgGateway are delivering today,” said Norbert Schlingmann, General Manager, AEF. “It is important for legislators to understand that precision ag technology and the vital work we're all doing individually and jointly will enable sustainable future practices and policies.”

“Precision agriculture technology is a critical foundation to the farmer’s ability to grow and deliver safe, affordable food,” said Brent Kemp, President and CEO, AgGateway. “AgGateway and the AEF have a collaborative, practical approach towards improving farm efficiency and productivity. Together, we are working to define the digital infrastructure which allows farmers to generate, store, and access their data wherever it lives.”

The AEF and AgGateway booths will be co-located with additional Ag Tech companies in the “Digital Ag Pavilion” between the Smithsonian museums. To learn more about the AEF, please visit To learn more about AgGateway, please visit You can learn more about AEM’s Ag on the Mall event by visiting here: Home - AEM | Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

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