MILWAUKEE (March 17, 2022) – The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) will exhibit at the "Celebration of Modern Agriculture on the National Mall" event in Washington D.C., March 21-22 as part of National Agriculture Day festivities. The event, organized by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), will highlight tech innovators in modern agriculture, allowing an opportunity for policymakers to gain a deeper understanding of the role the agriculture industry is playing towards a more sustainable world.
"The AEF plays an integral role in making farming more sustainable, and we are pleased to be an exhibitor at AEM's 'Ag On The Mall' event," said Norbert Schlingmann, General Manager, AEF. "It's crucial for those who are shaping policies to be able to see into the future, and understand the big picture. We hope that this event will bring a greater understanding about innovations, and how they will make equipment more efficient and economical for farmers to operate."
The AEF, founded in 2008, is comprised of over 250 agriculture equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as a number of trade associations collaborating to improve cross-manufacturer compatibility of electronic and electric components in agricultural equipment. ISOBUS, an important part of precision agriculture technology and a primary focus of the AEF, allows machines from different manufacturers to work together electronically.
The AEF exhibit will have explanations and examples of ISOBUS certification and precision agricultural functionalities that can be shared between machinery brands.
"AEF and ISOBUS certified machines enable greater precision, lower fuel consumption, and more efficient application of nutrients and pesticides," said Ryan Milligan, Communications and Marketing Lead for North America, AEF. "These machines can save the farmers money while reducing environmental impact; it's simply a win-win situation."
Last week, the AEF made ag tech history at the Commodity Classic trade show in New Orleans by publicly demonstrating High Speed ISOBUS (HSI) for the first time. HSI is an important future technology that will enable other technologies such as higher levels of automation and accuracy for precision farming operations, improved diagnostics and connectivity to other in-field machines using AEF Wireless Infield Communications, and more.
The AEM’s two-day "Celebration of Modern Agriculture on the National Mall" will take place outside USDA headquarters between the Smithsonian Museums and will feature America’s farmers, ranchers and agriculture innovators on the cutting-edge of science and technology.
Exhibits will be open 9 A.M – 5 P.M. and located on the National Mall near the Smithsonian Metro Stop. The AEF booth can be found in the Digital Ag Pavilion. For more information about the event, please visit Celebration of Modern Agriculture on the National Mall ( 

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