Special eGuide from award-winning precision farming dealer reveals common problems — and practical solutions for you.

Ag Info Tech was recognized by an independent panel of experts as the 2015 Most Valuable Dealership in the precision farming industry. In this new 7-page download, former CEO Tim Norris, shares his “Top 10” do’s and don’ts from his experience as a precision ag retailer, starting in 1997.

This easily digestible “Top 10” list covers hard lessons learned and best practice advice for any business looking to establish a greater footprint in the fast-evolving precision farming segment.

Download the FREE eGuide NOW to learn from this pace-setter, including:

  • Financing’s role in precision ag sale
  • How to better monitor billable time
  • Tips for demonstrating return on investment (ROI)
  • Scheduling that evens out the peaks and valleys
  • Hiring with the Master Mind principle
  • Protecting a fair margin on sales
  • The unique sales proposition — are you really selling service? Or hardware?
  • How to calculate true technician labor rate


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