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This “Precision Farming Dealer Q&A Series: Recruiting & Retaining the Next Generation of Precision Farming Specialist” shows you how to both recruit and retain the next generation of precision farming specialist, and it’s FREE!

Dear Manager,

There are 2 things we all know about staffing a precision farming department: top talent is hard to find, and even harder to keep. Hiring the best candidates and retaining them is a constant struggle for many dealers.

Most farm equipment dealers have developed their own talent scouting methods over the years, but as the candidate pool continues to narrow, it pays to incorporate fresh ideas.  

It’s true that the hunt for ideal precision farming hires will probably always be a challenge. But using a mix of internships, incentives and continuing education opportunities can go a long way toward lifting the hiring weight from the precision department’s shoulders.   

Finding the best fit for your next precision farming specialists and retaining them is markedly different from hiring parts, service and sales staff. As such, there are no one size fits all approaches to onboarding new precision employees. 

To help you make the right hiring and training choices, we’ve compiled a Q&A series with industry experts on recruiting and retaining top precision farming specialists into a 6-page eGuide — and we’ve made it absolutely FREE to get it into the hands of as many precision managers as possible in a time when every potential sale counts.

Proven practices from industry experts, compiled by the most trusted name in precision farming.  

This Q&A series features insights from agriculture professors, university program directors and other industry experts on the complex task of cultivating the next generation of precision farming specialists. This eGuide establishes best practices and quick tips so you can stay ahead of the competition, all in one reader-friendly report. It’s the kind of report you and your team will turn to again and again as you review your precision hiring practices. Keep it handy as a primer prior to those important staff meetings!

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Precision Farming Dealer Q&A Series: Recruiting & Retaining the Next Generation of Precision Farming Specialist is a comprehensive, idea-heavy resource for super-charging your talent scouting and hiring tactics. This simple, Q&A formatted guide brings top industry professional’s most prized strategies directly to you.  In fact, this eGuide is designed to help you…

  • Learn the top 3 incentives that will draw the most qualified precision farming candidates to your dealership and how they can be structured to retain staff.
  • Discover the optimal structure for internships and partnerships with local educational institutions and the huge benefits they can offer.
  • Understand how the required skills and qualifications for precision farming specialists will evolve over the next 5 years.
  • Design a proven method for attracting the most qualified candidates for your precision department, and keeping them in an ever-changing job market.
  • Anticipate and plan for the 4 most important things new precision farming employees want from you. 

Getting overcome with the daily responsibilities of running a precision department is easy since there is never a shortage of things to do. But we know the risks of not paying close enough attention to hiring trends are significant. Creating and maintaining sound recruiting policies in the precision farming industry is essential to survive and thrive. Consider this:

  • There are a limited number of outstanding precision farming specialist candidates. Not only are you competing with rival dealers for their attention, but you’re also competing with different businesses like co-ops and even manufacturers. To get the best, you have to make sure you’re offering the best.
  • As precision farming departments around the country begin to transition into handling more farm data, a different breed of precision farming specialist may be needed. With this new breed comes a whole new set of considerations. 

We know time is money. But if you did nothing more than scan the 3 discussion topics in this FREE eGuide, you’d be significantly ahead.

Precision Farming Dealer is dedicated entirely to helping customers understand the technology trends, data and analysis that is impacting the farm equipment market. Our sources make it their job to know the score, and to help progressive dealers improve their operations. Did you know …

Top 10 Incentives Precision Specialists Seek 

It should come as no surprise that a competitive salary is the top incentive precision farming specialists are after, but it’s by no means the only one. Many of the things prospective specialists desire most actually line up rather nicely with what you are hoping to get out of them as employees.

1. Competitive Salary 
2. Advancement opportunities 
3. Continuing precision education
4. In-house training
5. Convenient location 
6. Job security 
7. Company vehicle 
8. Company tablet, laptop and smart phone 
9. Networking opportunities
10. Access to regional and national conferences 

To understand these trends and how to leverage them for your business, Read our FREE eGuide, Precision Farming Dealer Q&A Series: Recruiting & Retaining the Next Generation of Precision Farming Specialist.

Data compiled and analyzed by the experts 

This eGuide includes 4 industry experts fielding some of the most pertinent questions of the day regarding precision farming specialist hiring. They weigh in with insights on what makes a company an attractive destination for new graduates, how to structure dealership internships, how the precision specialist position may change in the next 5 years and much more. Keep this eGuide handy for your next hiring strategy discussion.

That’s the kind of actionable information you get throughout this FREE eGuide – all of the data presented in clear, straightforward language.

But you also get more than just conversations about the industry; you’ll gain insight into recent graduates’ and precision specialists’ thought processes and how to address their needs and turn them into valued team members for years to come. You’ll get answers to these vital areas:

1. The importance of dealer organizational charts to new graduates  
2. What trainings and seminars precision specialists are interested in
3. Competitive salary ranges for starting specialists 
4. Structure ideas and tips for internships and career fairs
5. Predictions on the direction the precision farming specialist position will take over the next 5 years 

For every question you and your team consider, you’ll find a way to increase your effectiveness in hiring the best new candidates available and keeping them aboard as they become more and more valuable team members.

Read this free eGuide right now to learn how to make this important topic a #1 directive for your team this year. 

Takeaways to win over prospective precision specialists and encourage loyalty 

In addition to the wealth of data this in-depth eGuide delivers, it also provides actionable takeaways that you and your team can use today:

  • The industry experts all agree that advancement opportunities and continuing educations are prized commodities among the next generation of precision farming specialist.
  • Giving new hires a 5-10 year vision of what a position in your company will hold can help them build a sense of job security and help you become confident in the longevity of their employment. 
  • Tuition compensation and housing allowance are perks to add to an internship program that can help you net the best and brightest graduates. 

These are just some of the takeaways you’ll find by downloading this free eGuide, and you can be on your way to better hiring policies before your morning coffee’s done brewing.

Here’s a few more...

  • Partnering with college and university agriculture programs will help you spot those students that can be ideal hires, but it’ll also help you stay abreast of changing technology and industry trends.
  • Skillsets that cover UAVs, remote sensing, data processing and cloud computing are all going to be essential to precision farming going forward. Looking for candidates versed in these fields may make or break the future success of your precision department. 
  • Finding tech savvy graduates to fill precision specialist roles is a great start, but without agronomy and business training thrown in the mix, candidates have a hard time adapting to the demands of the job. 
  • Exposing an intern to a broad array of dealer tasks rather than just having them tackle busy work helps them understand the job fully, but also helps you gauge their abilities and ambition. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Put some of the ideas from this Q&A through the lens of your company and you’ll break from your meetings energized by the possibilities. 

By now I’m sure you see the value of this industry insider’s conversations about the next generation of precision farming specialists. No one who wants their company to be a leader should overlook these invaluable insights! And because you’ve taken the time to read this, you’re clearly a person who values protecting and growing the stake you’ve already claimed in the precision farming business. 

That means you’re exactly the kind of person we hope to reach with the Precision Farming Dealer Q&A Series: Recruiting & Retaining the Next Generation of Precision Farming Specialist. We know it takes a lot to be the kind of “in-the-know” person your team and farm customers expect. 

If you’re a precision manager, you know how valuable resources like this are to calibrate and validate current trends and predictions. If you’re still developing as a precision specialist, then you’re eager to build a foundation and develop new ideas to increase your success. Either way, what better way to move forward than with this comprehensive, authoritative — FREE — eGuide?

Do you want to be one step ahead of your competition when it comes to attracting talent? 

Have you prepared a refined policy that brings in the best talent available and creates an environment to retain them?

Do you know how to implement an internship program that establishes a pipeline of top recruits to your company?

Download this free eGuide right now, and find out how to get started. The minute you do, you start the momentum toward a stronger, better built precision team.

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Yours for a better farm equipment industry,

Michaela Paukner, Precision Farming Dealer


PS: What sort of requirements and trainings will precision specialists need to be fully FAA compliant going forward? Read the discussion by downloading Precision Farming Dealer Q&A Series: Recruiting & Retaining the Next Generation of Precision Farming Specialist right now.

PSS: Building your precision farming staff is an essential part of the future of your dealership. Start you and your team on the path toward more profitability and a stronger team dynamic by reading this free eGuide now.