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Dear Precision Farming Dealer,

Trying to fit rainbow equipment together can at times be like trying to put together a thousand piece puzzle, with several missing pieces. The problem with competition is that competitors compete, meaning that there isn’t a whole lot of working together to solve common issues.

Precision Farming Dealer has collaborated with well-respected and experienced precision retailers to offer you a FREE eGuide, “Conquering Equipment Compatibility to Increase Service Performance,” to teach YOU, the best way to overcome the task of selling equipment that wasn’t made to work together.

In this eGuide, Precision Farming Dealer discusses these topics and much MORE!

  • Learn how to smooth down the barriers between different OEMs.
  • Discover ways to proactively troubleshoot compatibility issues.
  • Understand the importance of competition and how it can help you.
  • Enhance the sales process by teaming up with precision data specialists.

Hear from REAL precision dealers on how they manage to provide equipment compatibility solutions farmers NEED!

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In this free eGuide, Dustin Christofferson, precision specialist for the 2014 Precision Farming Dealer Most Valuable Dealership, offers his insight on what he believes would be the best way to build the best system. Christofferson explains that if there were no regards to price, a rainbow colored system would be the best option. Suppliers offer a great number of valuable technologies, but no one supplier has the best solution.

Rainbow systems can offer great benefits to the farmer by bringing together several different precision farming technologies!

Be the dealer that recognizes this benefit and takes it by the reins.

Determine the Service Package Your Customers Need

Three dealers offer questions their peers should ask themselves before offering new service packages, as it is important to fully understand what your customers need before offering them anything.

While immersing yourself in this eGuide, dive deeply into the questions all dealers should consider before adding on more technology related services. Questions to ask yourself, included in this eGuide:

It should come as no surprise that a competitive salary is the top incentive precision farming specialists are after, but it’s by no means the only one. Many of the things prospective specialists desire most actually line up rather nicely with what you are hoping to get out of them as employees.

  • How well can the customer operate the technology?
  • Does the customer need support documenting data?
  • What is your comfort level, as a dealer, with technology support?
  • Are you only familiar with the functionality of multiple precision brands?

Update Software Like You Update Parts

Dealers should formulate new and different packages that are completely dependent on the needs of the customers. Not every farmer that walks through your door has the same knowledge of precision farming technology.

Software should be treated like equipment parts, continually being updated. If dealers don’t make it a point to validate software, it will fail. Failed software means the dealership fails, and the struggle to get your customer to come back greatly increases.

Most farmers believe that their new technology will easily adapt to their existing equipment. Customers often hear words like “ISO compatible” and immediately conclude that the equipment will work with whatever equipment he/she already has. Tech specialists know that this is not always the case, and when the equipment doesn’t work, farmers will be come running right back to your dealership.

Overcome the dilemma of selling farmers equipment that isn’t compatible with the machines they already own!

How to Make the Pieces Fit

How can dealers make the puzzle pieces fit together again?

The best way to solve the compatibility issues is to avoid them in the first place. If salespeople aren’t knowledgeable enough about the technologies, technology specialists are sure to be able to fill in the gaps.

In any dealership selling process, technology specialists should be factored into the equation to help support the salesperson with the transaction. Don’t wait until your customers get home and find a compatibility issue, confront it from the beginning.

Make sure that what you sell your customers is going to work. If not, the expenses of not taking the proper measures could be extremely high.

Work from the start to solve future problems!

Competitor Relationships

Many dealerships might be weary of turning to the competition for help. After all, competition is COMPETITION. The complication with this is that techs responsible for putting together rainbow systems may have to turn to competitors to produce the best working system. So, get to know your competition, because these relationships could save you!

Are you willing to learn how to work with your competitors to build the BEST of the BEST rainbow operating systems?

Download this free eGuide right now, and find out how to get started. The minute you do, you start the momentum toward a stronger, better built precision team.

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Yours for a better farm equipment industry,

Michaela Paukner, Precision Farming Dealer