Remote Service Technology

Dear Precision Farming Dealer,

Farm equipment has the capability of recording valuable statistics that farmers can use to make a number of informed decisions, both in the present as well as far into the future. The dilemma is that some farmers are unaware of how to use this data, resulting in precision-equipped machinery that is never utilized to its full operating potential.

This is why dealers are hiring staff agronomists and collaborating with data management specialists to assist customers with deciphering the information collected by their precision equipment. Technology is helpful in a lot of ways, but only when it is completely understood and used to promote positive decision making.

In this eGuide, made completely FREE to you, learn about ways in which several very profitable dealers have implemented agronomists and data management services into their suite of precision offerings.

This report incorporates a number of helpful resources:

  • Measuring your customers’ level of demand for agronomic and data management services.
  • Tips on how to accurately price your agronomic and data management services.
  • Gauging your market in efforts to choose the right products to provide for your customers.
  • Ways to prove the value of agronomic services to your customer.
  • How to offer agronomic services to induce a worth-while return on investment.

Let this eGuide teach you all the ways that you, as a dealer, can stand out from the crowd by shining the light on a problem that many farmers are facing.

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BIG Data Starts Small!

In order to make the most of your data, you have to start somewhere! The more data you compile, the better the chance you have at making conclusions from that data.

Download this eGuide to hear more insider advice on strategies for building up REAL data that your customers can use!

Agronomist-Customer Relationship

In the grand scheme of things, hiring a staff agronomist may seem like a bit of a risk. However, the expertise of an agronomist could be what sets your dealership apart from your competitors.

An experienced agronomist has the knowledge to teach your precision farming customers all about these topics included in this FREE eGuide:

  • Sidewall compaction
  • Improper spacing or depth control
  • Soil sampling
  • Variable-rate prescription writing
  • Tissue testing
  • Zone creation
  • Soil mapping

Don’t wait to unlock these proven precision farming techniques and strategies!

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What’s stopping you from being immersed in information that could jumpstart your precision farming dealership?

Agronomists in Action!

Hiring 2 full-time agronomists can help boost business and formulate lasting and impressionable relationships with farm customers. Hiring agronomists can allow a dealership to immediately inherit the agronomists’ expertise and knowledge of service cost, pricing and hiring.

Download this report today to read more about Reynold’s Farm Equipment and their success attributed to the addition of full-time agronomists.

But Is It Right For Me?

Though many dealers are beginning to hire on agronomists and data specialists, it is important to remember that it may not be the best decision for every dealership. Knowing your customer is one of the most important parts of any business.

Before hiring on these kinds of specialists, be sure to go to the source — ask your customers if it would be something they’d be interested in. It’s a very easy step, but an extremely important one.

Can You See the Future?

Even though hiring agronomists and data specialists isn’t the best course of action for every dealership, it is still important that dealers like yourself, be well-aware of the benefits of this kind of decision. Employing specialists may not be the best course of action for your dealership as of today, but could be in the very near future.

As technology continues to advance and seep into every aspect of our lives, it only makes sense that dealers begin thinking about ways in which their customers will need assistance deciphering information provided to them through precision farm equipment.

Successful businesses are always thinking of ways to better assist and provide for their customers.

How can you, as a dealer, provide the best products and services for your customer?

What can you be doing now to plan for the future?

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Yours for a better farm equipment industry,

Michaela Paukner, Precision Farming Dealer