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Schaffert Mfg. G2™ Liquid Fertilizer Disc with Dual Tubes

Dual side fertilizer placement doubles the rate of fertilizer while keeping it in two separate bands close to the furrow, encouraging downward root movement and increasing yields. Schaffert Mfg. offers a fertilizer tube that bolts on to a new or existing G2 fertilizer bracket and places liquid on the opposite side of the furrow.

The G2 fertilizer disc applies fertilizer behind the planter, 2”-4” to the side of the row. This 11#, 8” or 9” single disc opener system is designed on a patented walking beam axle, placing balanced pressure on both press wheels and providing even fertilizer depth in uneven terrain.

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Schaffert Mfg. Dual Side Fertilizer Placement for Case IH 2100

Schaffert Mfg. provides multiple options for single and dual side placement fertilizer on Case IH 2100 planters. The standard smooth G2™ disc or NEW notched disc for cover crops places liquid out the back of the planter. The G2 includes a pivotable fertilizer bracket to adjust and control where the fertilizer is injected.

Another option is the in-between tubes, which attach to a mounting plate and place fertilizer directly into the slices opened by the Case IH cover discs and in front of the standard or Chicken Tracker™ press wheel. All our options come with low- and high-pressure tips and a heavy-duty rubber boot.

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Loftness 12-Ton Spreaders

Loftness now offers 12-ton spreaders. The spreaders are variable rate ready with hydraulic-driven conveyors and spinners. They also have a 41-inch frame clearance and variable tread width from 80 to 120 for in-season applications in row crops.

The FB1210 fertilizer spreader offers a 40- to 90-foot spread width. It includes dual stainless-steel conveyor chains with optional two-section control for independent adjustment of the right and left sections. The L1230 lime/fertilizer spreader features a 24-inch belt-over-chain conveyor design. It offers a 20- to 60-foot spread width for lime and a 40- to 90-foot spread width for fertilizer.

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NEW Dalton High Speed Toolbar

Introducing, our new NH3 Toolbar, the DW HS Series. This durable high speed toolbar features the Yetter 10K Magnum Row Units. The Dalton DW HS Series also comes with a 6”x 6” heavy duty frame tubing, down-flex wings, versatile custom row spacing options and greaseless pivot points for longer life. Speed up your field time with this machine! Contact your local Dalton Dealer or call us today about customizing your new NH3 toolbar!

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John Deere Pro Series Fertilizer Tube

Totally Tubular Mfg’s design for starter fertilizer tubes puts fertilizer down below the seed, right in the root system of the plant. Starter fertilizer has become a widely used practice with today’s successful farming operations.

This simple, effective design is helpful with faster plant emergence and better yields. The fertilizer tube is protected by the disc blades and welded to the factory seed tube guard. Totally Tubular Mfg offers fertilizer tubes for a variety of planters including John Deere, Kinze, Case, White and Monosem.

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Great Plains Offers Fertilizer Spreader by Kverneland to U.S.

Great Plains is pleased to offer the Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 by Kverneland through its network of U.S. dealers. This weighing spreader includes integrated section control to provide crops with an efficient dose of nutrients with ease and accuracy. Featuring a 110-bushel-capacity hopper and a spread width up to 177', the TL GEOspread produces an accurate, uniform spread, even in rugged terrain. 100% ISOBUS compatible, the TL GEOspread can work with any ISOBUS terminal that is AEF certified. It also allows GPS-controlled spreading or variable-rate spreading according to application maps. These easy-to-operate spreaders are durably built for many years of trouble-free use.

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Precision Fabrication Dual Placement System

The Dual Placement System from Precision Fabrication LLC places the liquid nutrients 3 inches from the seed trench, on both sides, and the same depth as the seed. Placing nutrients in the root zone has proven to give the best crop yields for the fertilizer dollar. It is designed as a low pressure system to avoid getting splatter on the machine. Ten-inch openers run slightly “toed in,” thus creating 2 narrow trenches into which the fertilizer is streamed at very low pressure. Eleven models cover many popular planter row units.

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ShieldAg Freezeless Fertilizer Knives

Great for high-rate applicators and wet conditions.

ShieldAg’s patented (US Patent # 9,192,095) line of Freezeless fertilizer knives for Anhydrous Ammonia applicators provide key benefits:

  • No steel tube to freeze up in wet, cold weather
  • Less chance of knife damage when shear bolts break
  • No ice-buildup on knives, for reduced “trenching” in fields, improved sealing
  • More uniform delivery of liquid NH3 into the soil profile, as the NH3 will not start to vaporize in the steel delivery tube
  • Fewer NH3 delivery system nuisance alarms and downtime
  • Available in most of Shield’s standard knife platforms, including our replaceable point series!
  • Made in USA!

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AgXcel’s GX5 Hydraulic Solution

If you are using liquid fertilizer today then you already understand the tremendous value it can have on yields and health of your crop. Liquid fertilizer, however, can be costly. AgXcel’s line of diaphragm pumps are the most complete and accurate line of hydraulically driven pumps available. They deliver the highest grade of reliability, rapid rate response, and require minimal maintenance. Higher efficiency means your liquid fertilizer will not go to waste. Ask how you can get a FREE Agxcel Liquid Fertilizer System when using a Nutrien Ag Solutions product. Talk to your local Nutrien Ag dealer for more info.

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