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4Ag Closing Wheel

The 4Ag closing wheel was designed by farmers for farmers to ultimately increase emergence by improving seed to soil contact leaving a soft tilled surface as a result. Made from the same patent pending tough proprietary composition as our gauge wheels, our fully assembled closing wheel includes a bolt kit with spacers to provide easy installation with multiple adjustments accommodating a variety of planting conditions. Our unique design includes added tiller tines that till roughly the top quarter inch of the soil leaving the ground surface loose to prevent baking in wet conditions while also eliminating the need to add additional equipment such as a harrow or drag chain. Tilling the surfaces mulches the crack where the two sides of the trench come together, ensuring full closure of the seed trench. 

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Needham Ag Technologies Depth Adjust Parts

Depth Adjust Cover, made from thicker material than OEM, to help extend service life.

Spindle, with triple lip seals to help keep dust out and grease in (an improvement to the factory rubber o-ring), plus they are zinc coated.

Depth Adjust Knob which should be available later this year, this is a heavier duty material than OEM to last longer.

Gauge Wheel Axle, zinc coated and made from heavier material than OEM to help extend service life.

Gauge Wheel Arm, made from high grade steel (not cast like the OEM), so our arm will last many times longer in the field.

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Yetter Farm Equipment 2984 Strip Fresheners

2984 Strip Fresheners from Yetter Farm Equipment create a 10” wide strip in the spring or the fall. The three-blade design with a rolling basket makes new strips or revives existing strips to create a consistent planting zone. Strip Fresheners operate at 6-10mph and have a depth adjustment range of 1 ½”-4”.  The new Strip Freshener Cab Control (CC) enables quick adjustments to row cleaners, rolling baskets, and row-unit down pressure-all form the tractor seat. An optional fertilizer kit for liquid or dry applications is also available.

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Yetter Farm Equipment 2969 Intellinject Fertilizer Opener

Mounted behind the closing wheels, Yetter Farm Equipment's 2969 Fertilizer Opener will follow the ground contour and apply fertilizer up to 1.5 inches deep and 2-3 inches off the row.  Controls from the cab give producers the ability to manage downforce on the units as well as allowing them to be completely raised when not in use.

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Steerable Track Kits from Gramlow Ltd.

Steerable track kits from Gramlow Ltd. will minimize pinch rows and keep your planter tracking straight. Complete bolt-on kits are simple to install right on the farm by the farmer. Tracks offer more than double the footprint of your 4 tires and only leave two tracks through the field. They will sometimes make up 4 times the surface area of the 4 tires on your planter. Use the steerable axle with GPS guided implement steering to keep your planter directly on top of strip-till strips, or keep guest rows perfect for post-emerge chemical or fertilizer application without driving on the rows. Axle spacing and track width options available to get you the kit that fits your needs.

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Soucy Track Systems for Planters

The S-TECH 012P of Soucy is a track system designed for planters. It fits on John Deere 1770 NT and 1775 NT and also on Case IH 1250, 1255 and 2150 planters from 12 to 24 rows without any modification. With its 12- inch rubber tracks, the S-TECH 012P has up to 4 times more contact area than tires which results in more flotation, more traction and less soil compaction. This Soucy track system for planters gives the best growing conditions to the seeds with more aerated soil for better rooting.

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Vanguard™ VM-5000 Series Monitors

Our Vanguard, VM-5000 Series Monitors are stand-alone, seed/liquid flow monitors that adapt to most existing harnesses and seed sensors found on current and older planters.

  • Easy-to-use 7-inch color touchscreen display
  • View singulation, multiple, and skip percentages
  • Observe row population and flow for 16-32 inputs
  • Audible alarm for each row

Ag Express® Electronics is the leading provider of service, repair, and support in precision ag, serving North America from our Nebraska, Iowa, and Indiana locations.

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Wearparts Heavy Duty Seed Opener Assembly to Fit John Deere XP

Wearparts Heavy Duty Seed Opener to Fit John Deere XP are assembled with NIAUX 200 blade, heavy duty hub, 205 double-row bearing with 5/16” ball-bearing & pressed with 5/16” rivets. The blade, it’s components, and the assembly process make this opener’s durability unmatchable. Forges de Niaux seed disc opener blades have undergone patented heat-treating technology—extending its wear-life up to 40%. Reduce your cost per acre with Wearparts newly designed HD Seed Disc Opener Assemblies.

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Ace Pro 5 Series Pumps

Ace Pro 5 Series pumps are the most durable and dependable units on the market today.  Choose from Ace Pro 5 FMCSC pumps with severe-duty silicon carbide seals, or the Ace Pro 5 FMCWS models with Ace Pumps’s exclusive Oasis™ WetSeal Technology.  All Pro 5 pumps feature:

  • Larger bearings for longer pump life 
  • E-coated castings for added corrosion resistance 
  • Standardized components for simplified inventory control  
  • And, optional motors with integrated pulse-width modulated (PWM) control valves for precision application of liquid fertilizer and other crop inputs. 

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Martin Till Weight Transfer System

Martin Till’s NEW Weight Transfer System has been designed as a complete bolt on kit for easy installation with NO welding required. With the combination of L bolts and row unit mounting bolts pulling in two different directions they ensure that the brackets stay put. The kit includes bolt on brackets, pressure relieving control valve, in-cab control box and cabling. WTS transfer the weight from the center of the planer to the wings reducing compaction & ground pressure while evenly distributing the weight to where it is needed most to guarantee uniform pressures and planting depths from row units.

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Martin Till 2nd Stage Closer

Martin Till’s NEW 2nd Stage Closing system has been developed to seal the trench while removing air pockets and ensuring ideal soil to seed contact.

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Copperhead RK Products Line of Planter Repair Parts

The proven RK Products line of planter repair parts is now backed by the full sales and manufacturing team of Copperhead Ag Products! The gauge wheel arm and closing wheel arm repair kits not only fix any amount of wear on a row unit, but they stop the wear in its tracks, allowing for years of dependable service from your RKP Kits. If you are tired of wear parts that need constant replacing, fix your row units for good by visiting today!

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Schaffert Manufacturing Co. Inc. 4-Link Force™

Introducing the NEW 4-Link Force™, an active furrow closing system, utilizing Schaffert Mfg. patented 4-Link Closer™ tail section, with Grahams patented wireless Samsung control solutions.

Partnered together; the 9-inch travel of the 4-Link Closer and the Graham 12-volt actuator provides 125 pounds of closing force. Adding in a 1000 pounds load cell, and a torsional dampener makes the 4-Link Closer even smoother running!

With the Graham Command Pro™, active management system, we can set the entire planter closing system from the cab and watch individual row performance on the wireless tablet.

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Schaffert Manufacturing Co. Inc. B-TOEM™

Our B-TOEM (Better-Than OEM) double-disc opener allows you to seed into hard soils covered in heavy tough residue, while maintaining flexibility to resist breakage in rocky and high foliage conditions.

As these blades are used, their doubled rolled beveled edges wear sharper and hold their edge longer, retaining 20% more diameter on average than standard blades. Our patented, heat treated blades gives the B-TOEM longer life.

B-TOEM™: Rockwell 58, 205 HD peer bearing, 5/16” rivets, heavy duty hub.


OEM/STANDARD: Rockwell 50, 204 HD peer bearing, 1/4” rivets, standard hub.

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John Deere Pro Series Fertilizer Tube

Totally Tubular Mfg’s design for starter fertilizer tubes puts fertilizer down below the seed, right in the root system of the plant. Starter fertilizer has become a widely used practice with today’s successful farming operations.

This simple, effective design is helpful with faster plant emergence and better yields. The fertilizer tube is protected by the disc blades and welded to the factory seed tube guard. Totally Tubular Mfg offers fertilizer tubes for a variety of planters including John Deere, Kinze, Case, White and Monosem.

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Exapta’s PolyFlex™ Flexible Gauge Wheel Tire

Flexible Polyurethane: Pliable enough to absorb variations on the soil surface, from small stones to thick stalks, plus, PolyFlex™ tires shed mud better due to their flexible nature. 

Until now, there have only been two options for gauge wheels: soft, rubber tires and rock-hard, polyurethane tires, making a tough choice for farmers. Exapta is pleased to offer the Poly-Flex™ gauge wheel tire, combining the strengths and minimizing the issues of pliable rubber and hard polyurethane. With a 3-year warranty, the Poly-Flex™ assures durability for long-lasting wear-life and pliability to conform to your soil type.

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Moeller Ag Service, Inc.

Specializing in Planter Attachments & No-Till Equipment for More than 30 Years!

These simple planter attachments are making it possible for more and more farmers to plant into higher levels of residue. Millions of acres are now planted this way each year and many of our customers are repeat buyers.

  • No-Till, Strip-Till, and Conventional-Till — All done best with Martin-Till
  • Martin-Till Planter Attachments get results in tough planting conditions
  • 3 Decades of continued innovation bring your planter the solutions that keep you moving in the field!
  • Proven Agronomic Benefits make it an easy decision to choose Martin-Till for spring planting!

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Precision Fabrication Dual Placement System

The Dual Placement System from Precision Fabrication LLC places the liquid nutrients 3 inches from the seed trench, on both sides, and the same depth as the seed. Placing nutrients in the root zone has proven to give the best crop yields for the fertilizer dollar. It is designed as a low pressure system to avoid getting splatter on the machine. Ten-inch openers run slightly “toed in,” thus creating 2 narrow trenches into which the fertilizer is streamed at very low pressure. Eleven models cover many popular planter row units.

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LDM Ag Services, LLC

Is no-till planting keeping a constant smile on your planter? Have you resorted to adding suitcase weight trying to keep the wings in the ground?  Then we have just what you need.  Our planter frame weight distribution kits allow you to transfer excessive weight from the center of the planter out to the wings. The double benefit reduces center compaction and improves row unit ground contact and ride quality on the wings.

Our kits our easy to install and easy on your wallet, providing you lasting performance and value on your planter.  Contact us today!

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Agtron Enterprises Legend Blockage & Rate Monitoring System

Have peace of mind while seeding, avoid unwanted strips in your field with our Legend Blockage and Rate Monitoring System.

With only one small ECU to install, the Legend’s continual loop system is true plug and play technology that installs faster than any other system.

Monitor up to 240 seed and fertilizer runs to easily find blocks, and monitor rates/variances – with infrared no-contact seed detection. It’s the simple, quick solution to your blockage problem.

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