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Elevate Slim by DigiFarm


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Elevate Slim has been entirely developed by DigiFarm VBN with our RTK customers in mind. Elevate is the only modem on the market to integrate easy roof mounting with over-the-air firmware updates. Elevate eliminates the need for painful firmware updates requiring your AMS professional to make a Farm visit. Digifarm automatically pushes out needed firmware without any impact to your farming operation. Elevate Slim works with any brand of agriculture GNSS receiver. Users have the ability to change receiver types simply by calling DigiFarm technical support and requesting the right brand. Within seconds your elevate Slim is ready to be paired with your receiver. DigiFarm sells all the custom cabling you need to use the receiver of your choice!


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Elevate Slim

Ag Express® Electronics - Experience You Can Depend On


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DICKEY-john® 2700-AGRI & mini GAC® 2500
Over drying can cost you a lot of money, don’t let your profit take a hit. DICKEY-john moisture testers deliver consistent, elevator-like results that help ensure you’re getting the best return from every acre you plant!
The GAC® 2700-AGRI and mini GAC® 2500 Grain Moisture Analyzers provide consistent, elevator-like results because they use the same technology elevators use (149 MHz)!


DICKEY-john® GAC 500XT

The GAC® 500 XT is the perfect option for reading moisture, temperature, and test weight at a great price! Just choose a grain, load the hopper, and press a button for fast, consistant test readings.


Stop by to find out what's new and get hands-on demos of the GAC® 2700-AGRI and mini GAC® 2500 at Farm Progress, Booth #VIT9724


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Ag Express Electronics

Discover Why Dealers Choose AgDirect®.

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For over 25 years, AgDirect® has been helping dealers grow their business and farmers secure the equipment financing they need.


Along with competitive rates and terms, AgDirect offers these advantages:

  • Lease and loan agreements with no recourse to dealers
  • Down payment options as low as $0 down and delayed payments up to 15 months for qualified customers
  • Easy application process that helps close deals faster
  • Generous sales incentives

Visit us at the Farm Progress Show and learn more.

Farm Credit Tent: Corner of 6th & West Progress Ave.


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Ag Direct

Add the power of air to your header with a Crary® Wind System™. No Bean Left Behind.™


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Gain up to four bushels per acre by adding a Crary® Wind System™ to your existing header. Increase ground speeds, reduce shatter loss, minimize volunteer crop, and ensure a place for each bean in your hopper! Crary Wind Systems are designed to maximize yield, whether your beans are short or tall. Crary Wind Systems are a smart investment and guaranteed ROI. Ask yourself – can you afford to leave beans on the ground? With options available to match nearly any style of header, it’s time to add the power of air to your header.


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Poly Tech Corn Stalk Guides

MartinTill 2nd Stage Closer

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Close the furrow with the best.

Compatible with most Double V Style OEM closing wheel brackets.

  • Adds 6x12 rubber chevron or 4x12 press wheel to seal and level air pockets left in seed trench to ensure ideal seed to soil contact.
  • Cam Adjust allows adjustment of pressure applied to press wheel.

A new option on for our 2nd stage closer, or a factory two stage closer!

The fCrumbler mulches and firms the seed trench without smearing or packing like a rubber press wheel. Properly spaced cleats size material while leaving a mulched surface which reduces crusting. This cleat design prevents mud build up from wet conditions or fertilizer application that are common with a solid rubber wheel.


Also pictured: fCrusher Lightweight, long life ductile cast iron (9.5 lbs.), closing wheel. Tapered tooth design allows firming on one side and crumbling on the other. Drafted tooth keeps its entire footprint on the ground.


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MartinTill 2nd Stage Closers

Incite® by McFarlane Ag Manufacturing

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Every farmer knows that no two fields are alike. Especially when it comes to the appropriate tillage tool in the spring or fall. That is why McFarlane Ag Manufacturing has developed the Incite®. The Incite is a universal tillage tool providing flexibility for all field conditions to create a perfect spring seedbed and cut tough stalks in the fall. The disk gang, reel, and residue-reducing Incizor® blades are adjusted with a single hand crank to make this tool a time saver when you are in the field. Get more out of your tillage tool with the Incite from McFarlane.


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McFarlane Incite®

CrustBuster All-Plant Drill


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Precisely, reliably drill soybeans, cereals, cover crops and more with the CrustBuster All-Plant Drill designed for no-till.

  • The proven Wobble Slot provides precise metering of various seed types
  • Standard Hydraulic Seed Drive provides variable, on-the-go rate control and individual section shut-off control
  • The parallel linkage opener maintains constant down pressure
  • 7.5- or 10-inch spacings with a narrow transport width of 16 feet, 8 inches
  • Heavy-duty wheels include walking tandem wheels on the center frame.
  • The best single-seed placement drill on the market, bored and machine-faced with a sintered metal rotor of bronze alloy composition for friction-free motion.


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QuadSuspension™ by DragoTec USA


Booth: 133


When it comes to harvesting the corn you grow, brand loyalty shouldn’t cost you yield. That’s why more producers are choosing the proven Drago Series II with automatic self-adjusting deck plates or the Drago GT with QuadSuspension™ integrated deck plate “ear shocks” for their harvest needs. Both models feature the industry’s most advanced yield-saving technologies you’ll find nowhere else.


Along with their many yield-saving features, Drago corn heads are known for their exceptional durability, making the brand one of the best equipment decisions — the smartest ROI decisions — you can make.


Discover the Drago difference at


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MixMate by Praxidyn


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Field efficiency of an average sprayer is only 25%.  It’s not how fast you drive, it's how long you stop! The lowest cost way to boost sprayer productivity is through fast loading times. Sprayer technology has advanced greatly while efficiency has dropped due to complex spray mixes and higher volumes. Mixmate drains, weighs, rinses, and records the data from a 2.5 gallon container in about 12 seconds. Simultaneous measuring of multiple products results in fast mixing speeds, typically filling a large sprayer in 4 to 8 minutes. Lower your operating costs and boost productivity safely with Mixmate automated blending and recordkeeping systems in the field or in the plant.


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Intelligent Ag's Recon SpraySense - Spray Nozzle Performance Monitoring System

AccuPulse® TwinJet® Spray Tips from TeeJet Technologies

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The AccuPulse (APTJ) uses a non-air induction design, to produce highly drift resistant XC and UC droplets with twin fan sprays for optimal performance in Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control applications. The compact size and choice of numerous capacities will suit the needs of a wide range of application rates. APTJ tips are ideal for many uses in PWM controlled applications and are also suitable for use on conventional sprayers.


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Accupulse by TwinJet