How is your dealership showing farm customers the value of precision data collection, and what impact are these efforts having on sales of precision service and hardware?


“We are focusing on the importance of agronomic data and new technologies during the recent decline in crop prices. Our main objective is helping the customer obtain useful and accurate data to decrease input costs and usage, and increase profits. Planter and combine data must be accurate to provide further benefits and solutions to the customer.

“With our vast array of John Deere products, we look for solutions to provide more efficiency and economic gain for the customer. Whether it’s a rate controller for fall anhydrous application or iGrade for dirt work, we look for John Deere FarmSight solutions that fit our customers and their needs.  

“By combining our customers’ equipment with the precision technology solutions through our dealership, we’re able to increase customers’ productivity, reduce downtime and reduce support costs by selling precision support agreements, and ultimately, more precision farming solutions.”

— Kyle Smydra,
Green Line Equipment,
Grand Island, Neb.