The INTEGRA display is a powerful, full-featured precision farming tool for any operation. The large, full-color 12.1" HD touchscreen is easy to read and offers year-round precision farming control. Mapping, planter and application control, yield monitoring, real-time data logging and more – can all be controlled from the cab using the INTEGRA display.

Ag Leader INTEGRA Display


• Planter Control - Allows control of all planting operations, from Advanced Seed Monitoring to variable rate planting and clutch control with SeedCommand.

• Integrated Guidance - Stretch working hours and view a field even in darkness with INTEGRA's integrated lightbar. Supports multiple guidance patterns and signals – including RTK.

• Application Control - Apply liquid or dry product with variable rate, AutoSwathTM automatic shut off – even crop sensing technology with DirectCommand.

• Intuitive TouchScreen - A high-definition, 12-inch touch screen features intuitive tools and real-time mapping, including variety map integration so you can view yield results for crop varieties in real time.

• Yield Monitoring - Measure, monitor and map yield and moisture results in real time with the most advanced yield monitoring technology in the world.

• Automated Steering - INTEGRA's plug-and-play compatibility with ParaDyme automated steering and OnTrac2+ assisted steering frees you to monitor more implement performance and reduces fatigue.

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