Spectrum Technologies, the leader in plant and turf measurement technology, introduces SpecConnect, an advancedweb portal cloud solution for crop environmental monitoring using wireless sensor networks. Simply put, it is the latest cloud-based software to monitor and capture weather and soil moisture data across various microclimates anytime — anywhere. 

SpecConnect can be pre-configured or 100% customized to a user's preference using the web portal or native Android or iPhone applications. The user interface is clean and simple to use and integrates with Spectrum's WatchDog weather stations and the in-field WatchDog Retriever & Pups wireless sensor network to provide real-time information to monitor and optimize weather and temperature, plant health, and soil moisture data. 

The entire network of crop sensors work together by communicating data via cellular modem or Wi-Fi, where information is then accessible on SpecConnect's cloud-based web portal.SpecConnect's software is site specific, meaning it currently works with any type of crop in agriculture. In 2015, plans include expansion to service the landscape and turf markets and also cover rain and wind variables. 

The intuitive software works by producing advanced 2D maps using rolling topography from the wireless WatchDog Retriever & Pups, which have the ability to monitor and log information on crop and soil microclimates. Multiple sensors provide information on temperature, soil moisture for irrigation scheduling, and insect and disease information. 

In addition, SpecConnect makes decisions actionable for the customer at a touch of a button. Users can remotely configure weather stations, sensors, set alerts and change logging intervals and use advanced reporting capabilities to better understand evapotranspiration, degree days, and daily light integral to make more effective decisions on things like improved yield and quality and conservation of resources. 

"SpecConnect is a powerful, real-time crop, landscape, and turf monitoring solution based on site-specific wireless sensor networks," states Mike Thurow, President and CEO of Spectrum Technologies. "The user experience and ability to wirelessly monitor a combination of important variables like weather and soil moisture is what makes our technology solution stand out. This solution is the future of agriculture, landscape, and turf."