Delta Group, a farm equipment dealer with six locations throughout the Mississippi Delta, recently announced the launch of Delta Group Technology Solutions, a team of specialists dedicated to helping farmers be more efficient and productive through technology utilization.

"Technology is becoming more and more a part of daily life on the farm," says Bart Freeland, who leads the Delta Group Technology Solutions division. "Our job is to help farmers understand the technology options available and demonstrate how that technology can work for them! Our goal is to partner with each producer in creating the most efficient and profitable farming operation through the use of technology. The Delta Group Technology Solutions team is available to customize a technology plan for each individual farmer that is unique to their specific needs."

The Delta Group Technology Solutions team can assist producers with GPS and guidance technologies, farm management software with vehicle monitoring and yield and input mapping capabilities, water and farm drainage solutions, variable rate and precision input applications of inputs, data collection, processing and management, and more.

The Delta Group Technology Solutions team includes: Bart Freeland, David Cousino, Jon Ray, Leland; Thomas Haney, Eric Myers, Cleveland; Eddie Galey, Greenwood; Hunter Douglas, Jared Pepper, Yazoo City and Rolling Fork; and John Montfort Jones, Greenville. "Our team is excellent at training and educating our customers on the right type of technology for them and take great pride in living our motto, 'Our Service Sets Us Apart," comments John Montfort Jones, Marketing Director of The Delta Group and a member of this highly specialized team.

"Through the technology that's available, farmers have the ability to increase their productivity and profitability," says Freeland. "For example, being able to avoid overlap in the field reduces input costs and being able to be more precise in managing their assets of land, labor, inputs, and equipment pays dividends as well - and those are just scratching the surface of what farmers can accomplish. The information farmers can collect and analyze about their fields so they can develop plan moving forward is another powerful tool technology can provide, and we can walk them through every step of the way. It's certainly an exciting time in agriculture."