Agrian Inc. announced today that beginning in Jan. 2015, Agrian users will have access to all current and historical BlackBridge satellite imagery available through the BlackBridge Agriculture Monitoring Service in the U.S. and Canada—for a nominal fee.

The new partnership gives Agrian the ability to leverage BlackBridge’s RapidEye constellation of five identical satellites that capture images of up to two million square miles every day. The BlackBridge Monitoring Programs, which will be incorporated into Agrian’s technology platform for growers, provide access to an enormous pool of high resolution, multispectral, in-season imagery allowing for accurate and timely extraction of data that directly impacts crop production and performance.

Nishan Majarian, Agrian’s founder and CEO, said that in order for any good precision ag program to scale, base data is essential. With Agrian, that data includes an indemnified product database, soils data, crop history, weather history and historical crop vigor or performance data.

“The BlackBridge partnership allows our users to access an exceptional collection of imagery within a cost-effective solution,” said Majarian. “Too often these services come with a per acre data fee, which limits a growers’ access to the types of agronomic tools needed to compete in today’s modern ag economy. Agrian is excited to remove this costly barrier.”

The imagery will be part of Agrian’s expanded technology offering bringing together precision agriculture, compliance and sustainability. BlackBridge satellite imagery from its RapidEye constellation will be available with Agrian premium or paid accounts.

“BlackBridge is eager to leverage the widely adopted Agrian platform and Agrian will weave the RapidEye imagery into its offering starting in January 2015,” said Clint Graumann, director North America, U.K. & Ireland for BlackBridge. “This unique partnership gives Agrian customers access to an unprecedented amount of current and historical high-resolution satellite imagery,” said Graumann. “Our Monitoring Program for Agriculture integrates with the Agrian system to help take precision farming to a whole new level. At the end of the day, the partnership will assist agronomists to achieve greater yields at reduced costs, and we’re excited to be part of it.”

BlackBridge’s RapidEye imagery is delivered through a cloud-based environment, enabling subscribers to have fast and easy access to current and archived imagery. Agrian also will be providing access to third-party software companies and agricultural services providers, as it currently does with its industry-leading label database and other data sets.