By Amy Winstead, Alabama Farmer's Co-Op News

Farmers today are using more precision technologies than ever before. The use of equipment guidance, sprayer and planter automatic section controls and variable-rate applications have increased rapidly over the last five years. While these technologies allow growers to site-specifically manage fields and maximize yield potential, they also generate large amounts of data which most growers do not have the time or tools to collect and analyze.

To help meet this need, Agri-AFC has a new program available through local Quality Co-op stores to help growers with precision technologies and data management. AccuField is a web-based ag technology software offering growers an opportunity to view and work with information generated on the farm in an easy-to-use and intuitive platform. Accufield offers support for precision ag technologies, soil sampling, product recordkeeping, variety selection tools and real-time weather data.

In addition, the program features advanced capabilities to transfer data between the field and office, helping farmers quickly and easily collect and organize data. Printable reports of field applications and crop production can also be generated.

AccuField incorporates all these services in one package so growers no longer have to switch between multiple programs and websites to gather information, saving them time and money.

Limestone County producer Stan Usery Jr. who has tested the program said, "I have been really impressed with the AccuField program and the support staff; it is a very simple, point-and-click program that is a welcome change from the often cumbersome and complicated precision ag software I have dealt with in the past. It provides value by letting me manage my farm data with very little trouble and from any Internet-ready device."

Although built around precision agriculture technologies, AccuField has uses and benefits for farms of all sizes and scope. The capability to view and record field boundaries, determine field acreage, assign information to fields, look at soil survey data for each field, and to view current and historical weather data are applications beneficial to farmers and landowners, regardless of the size of their operation. AccuField can be customized to fit any farming operation, utilizing the tools best fitting the growers’ needs.

For more information on the AccuField program, contact your local Co-op or visit