New Holland introduces upgrades to its PLM Connect telematics system to help producers stay better connected with their farming operations through easy and secure transfer of data and enhanced network coverage and reliability. This will enable field data to be streamlined into informed decisions that improve yields and overall operational efficiencies.

“New Holland PLM Connect essentially places farm managers at the operators’ side without leaving their desk. Data communication takes place in real-time,” says Dan Valen, cash crop equipment segment marketing leader. “With the new upgrades, this state-of-the-art communication system becomes even better, increasing the level of interactivity between the machine and the farm office, and with further improvements in connectivity and real-time decision making opportunities.” 

A key benefit of New Holland’s PLM Connect telematics is connectivity, so that the machines can be monitored from the farm office, and optimal settings or operating instructions can be relayed to the operator in real time. The new wireless data transfer feature, which is being introduced in Spring 2015, takes this connectivity further, increasing the degree of interaction that is possible between the machine’s working in the field and the farm office. 

PLM Connect will be able to wirelessly transfer data, such as yield maps, fuel usage and job status, between the machine and the PLM Connect portal, where it can be easily accessed by the farm manager on their PC or tablet. Using the cloud, the data is transferred easily and securely, helping producers transform it into informed decisions that can improve yield productions and enhance overall efficiencies. 

PLM Connect telematics uses cellular communication technology to relay the GPS position as well as the vehicle information between the machine and the farm office, so reliability and quality of coverage are key. From March 2015, New Holland’s PLM Connect telematics system will also be compatible with CDMA networks, which will significantly expand the cellular network availability and reliability of the signal, as roaming between GSM and CDMA networks is seamless.