KANSAS CITY, Mo. — AutoProbe Technologies LLC, manufacturers of the AutoProbe automated soil sampler, names Effertz Farms, Belton, Mo., a new grower-centric sales and service provider for southeast Kansas and western Missouri.

Mike Effertz of Effertz Farms says, "Maximizing crop profits, especially in lean times, starts with precision soil sampling. We see AutoProbe as the most consistent sampling solution with the highest reliability and precision. AutoProbe provides the right combination of automation and human supervision and interaction resulting in the highest quality soil samples. Good soil sample data is the foundational for producing the highest yields.

"We're excited to be the first in our area to sell and service AutoProbes," Effertz says. "We'll provide training and support, too. We are taking orders now for Fall delivery!"

Jeff Burton, president, AutoProbe Technologies LLC, says, "Everything begins with the soil. And, all cropping decisions from nutrients to seed are determined by the soil test analysis. Sophisticated soil sampling offered by the AutoProbe insures more cores per sample. It's just common sense the more cores you include per sample, the better quality results achieved.

"We're excited about our relationship with Effertz Farms," Burton continues. "Mike and his family farming operation represent the direction AutoProbe Technologies is moving in the marketplace, a grower-centric offering that enables growers to receive the highest of quality in data. Today’s top growers are realizing in order to compete in a market with thinner margins. Variable rate fertilizer application and variable population and hybrid seeding are being employed to maximize yield, lower costs and optimize profit, but it all begins with the most accurate soil samples and in turn quality data. The big data industry is already seeing the issues with today's most current technologies that it's 'Garbage In. Garbage out.' We have to standardize collection of data and AutoProbe Technologies sampling does exactly that while providing what growers are looking for in today's competitive landscape. AutoProbe Technologies is honored to be represented by this company in the Missouri/Kansas market and beyond."