Burr Ridge, Ill., July 17, 2015

CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI) has expanded its connectivity products to provide greater coverage of data technology to agricultural and construction equipment owners. This has been made possible by combining both CDMA and 3G GSM cellular network technologies into a single device. This technology, offered by CNH Industrial’s Precision Solutions and Telematics group, offers customers in North America a solution to coverage issues, especially in rural areas where many customers operate their machines.

Adding this combined connectivity to the technology stack ensures customers have superior coverage and fast data transfer speeds, by seamlessly switching between networks, without any interaction from the operator, especially in areas which are served by CDMA based networks. This data solution is available through all of the company’s North American brands, including Case IH and New Holland Agriculture for agricultural machinery, and CASE Construction Equipment and New Holland Construction for construction machinery.

“This pioneering technology addresses key customer needs, especially for customers in rural areas,” said Phillip Bolton, CNH Industrial’s Global Marketing Manager for Precision Solutions & Telematics. ”Not only does this technology eliminate concerns regarding reliable coverage but it enables the technology platform to evolve with more data intensive and advanced features like file transfer and correction data streaming, offering real benefits to customers.”

As the agricultural industry advances with the development of services based on data captured in the field, CNH Industrial has seen a clear need for superior network coverage, especially in rural areas where many farmers are located. This device determines which available network offers the best connection and automatically switches between CDMA and 3G GSM.

Advancements in technology have become increasingly important to customers as they realize the benefits of transferring data wirelessly from machines at work to offices, enabling real time monitoring and two way communications. Connecting to a single machine or integrating an entire fleet allows for operators to track the status, speed and movement of machines and their performance as well as receive alerts on issues that would require a technician’s assistance.

Providing data to equipment owners has been a priority for CNH Industrial, from committing to data standards which enhance operability to participating in industry groups such as the Open Ag Data Alliance that respect data ownership and security, and this expanded coverage is another way the company helps owners manage their data. 

CNH Industrial’s Precision Solutions & Telematics business unit aims to provide performanceenhancing technologies for the company’s different product segments, which include agriculture, construction and commercial vehicles. The company’s extensive experience and track record in product innovation offers an excellent understanding of the agriculture and construction businesses, thus providing its brands with efficient and profit-generating technology.

In 2014, CNH Industrial invested $1.1 billion on Research & Development. Over $649 million of this was dedicated to Agricultural and Construction Equipment.