This “2015 Precision Farming Dealer Benchmark Study Results (3rd Edition)” eGuide details how you can expand and evolve your precision business, and it’s FREE!

Dear Marketer,

There are 2 truths about precision farming: it is constantly changing and it is here to stay. Technology sales and service is an indispensible part of many dealers’ operations today, and is only expected to grow in the coming years. Profitability will come through a proactive approach, not reacting after you’re well behind the competition.

However, achieving sustained success requires tuning-in to the market and a willingness to adapt to change. Keeping on top of trends and anticipating necessary steps to capitalize on emerging opportunities is critical. 

Precision hardware used to “sell itself off the shelf.” But data reveals that today, less than half of dealers generate the majority for their precision revenue from hardware sales. Diversity is key, reinforced by the results of past Precision Farming Dealer benchmark surveys. 

The last 3 years of study data have established our credibility as a go-to resource for actionable information to improve your precision business.

To help make you aware of the opportunities, we’ve compiled the results of this dealer survey on precision farming sales and service into an eGuide download – and we’ve made it absolutely FREE to get it into the hands of as many managers as possible in a time when every potential sale counts.

Detailed data from your dealer peers, compiled by the most trusted name in precision farming.  

This 25-question Special Benchmark Study includes the survey results of all aspects of precision farming sales, service, training and staffing needs, all in one reader-friendly eGuide. It shows dealers’ current pattern of decision-making and compares it to 2 prior years of data to reveal how it’s changed. It’s the kind of eGuide you and your team will turn to again and again as you take stock of where your precision business stands today and where it needs to be in the future. Keep it handy as a primer for your planning discussions!

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Benchmarking Precision Farming Sales, Service & Staffing Needs To Increase Profit Volume 3 is a comprehensive, actionable reference to understanding the current state of the precision farming industry, and measure your business operations against your peers. In fact, this Special eGuide is designed to help you …

  • Learn about the top 8 products and services that are changing the way precision farming dealers do business
  • Identify the specific services (data management, remote service, yield monitor calibration) that are most valued by your farm customers, and will be most profitable to your dealership
  • Decide where your best prospects for growth lie (aftermarket sales, independent service revenue?) based on internal goals and external influences.
  • Prioritize your greatest needs (technician training, expanded product lines) to be the “go-to” dealership for precision farming
  • Capture the return on investment you want from your 5-year plan for growing your precision farming business. 

Precision ag is rapidly evolving and businesses are staking their claim in it everyday. The risks of falling behind are significant, and you and your employees deserve the best decisions. 

An informed decision is a profitable one and rewarded by customer loyalty. Consider this:

  • More than 2/3 of dealers have dedicated precision farming specialists and dedicated precision departments within their dealerships. Others are now integrating multiple departments into the precision fray to spread out the workload and also increase customer touch points.
  • Precision aftermarket products can offer untapped sales potential, in niche areas like irrigation or grain bin monitoring systems. Savvy precision dealers are looking for “add-on” products that offer a 30-40% margin.

We know time is money. But if you did nothing more than scan the 12 color-coded charts and tables in this FREE eGuide, you’d already be significantly ahead.

Precision Farming Dealer is dedicated entirely to helping customers understand the technology trends, data and analysis impacting the farm equipment market. Editors make it their job to know the score, and to help progressive dealers improve their operations. Did you know …

Dealers’ Top 10 Precision Service Offerings

Would you be surprised to know that the percentage of dealers offering data management service has more than DOUBLED during the last 2 years? Here’s the menu of most common services in 2015: 
  1. In-Season technology support
  2. Signal subscriptions
  3. Equipment installation
  4. Yield monitor calibration
  5. Pre-season setup and training
  6. Data Management
  7. Remote service and telematics
  8. Mapping
  9. Soil sampling
  10. Seed and fertilizer recommendations

To understand these trends and how to leverage them for your business, Read our FREE eGuide, 2015 Precision Farming Dealer Benchmark Study Results (3rd Edition).

Data compiled and analyzed by the experts

This 25-question eGuide includes survey data — and its expert analysis — of precision ag dealer business practices from 21 states and Canada, operating single-store and multi-location operations. The analysis also compares data to previous benchmark results, measuring the shift in dealer focus and trending objectives. In all, 3 years of trend data supplied by 225 respondents. Keep it handy for your strategy discussions.

That’s the kind of actionable information you get throughout this FREE eGuide – all of the data presented in clear, straightforward language, and with easy to follow charts and tables.

But you also get more than just data and tables; you’ll gain insight into dealers’ thought processes and how to leverage conversations with suppliers and customers to build better working relationships and profitable partnerships. You’ll get insight into:

  1. Breakdown of precision revenue comparisons and projections
  2. How precision responsibilities are labor-allocated within dealerships
  3. Who is delivering data management service to farm customers
  4. Top areas of investment in precision farming during the next 5 years
  5. Primary objectives are for dealers with precision farming business

For every question you and your team consider, you’ll exponentially improve your vision process for precision ag, while preparing your precision staff for the decisions to come. 

Read this free eGuide right now to learn how to make this important topic a #1 directive for your team this year.

Takeaways to best serve customers and — attract new ones

In addition to wealth of data this in-depth report delivers, it also provides actionable takeaways that you and your team can use today:

  • “Third-party” partnerships or in-house agronomists are increasingly attractive options for delivery of data management services.
  • Survey data supports an emphasis by the majority of dealers to have dedicated, specialized precision staff.
  • Service and data management are growing pieces of precision dealers’ revenue pie, as fewer rely on hardware sales to sustain business.

These are just some of the takeaways you’ll find by downloading this free report and reviewing it in no more time than what it takes you to finish your lunch. 

Here’s a few more …

  • More than 54% of dealers offer a precision service package to farm customers and 85% charge for these services on an hourly basis.
  • Online training options are increasing in popularity for precision specialists, more than doubling during the last year.
  • Precision “accessories” are projected to be top revenue generators during the next 5 years including planter controls (#1) and application technology (#2).
  • Want to know the greatest dealer needs to grow precision business? Nearly 75% say technician training is their top priority.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Put some of the findings in this survey on the radar of your team and you’ll break from your meeting energized by the possibilities. 

By now you no doubt see the value of this carefully-prepared eGuide and what this knowledge can do for your business. Nobody who wants to be a precision pacesetter should overlook it! And because you’ve taken the time to read this, you’re clearly a person who values how to bolster, broaden and benefit from your precision farming business. 

That means you’re exactly the kind of person we hope to reach with 2015 Precision Farming Dealer Benchmark Study Results (3rd Edition). The kind of “in-the-know” person your team expects out of a leader setting a vision for the future.

Regardless of whether you’re already established in precision ag or weighing the possibilities, what better way to move forward than with this comprehensive, authoritative — FREE — eGuide?

Do you want to be one step ahead of precision farming business trends?

Are you prepared to evolve your sales and service strategies to monetize what your farm customers are asking for? 

Can you deliver the level of precision service and support that keeps customers coming back and distances you from the competition?

Then download this free eGuide right now, and get started. The minute you do, you start the momentum toward greater sales.

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Yours for a better farm equipment industry,

Michaela Paukner, Precision Farming Dealer


PS: What percentage of dealers are projecting precision growth of 8% or more? Will you be one of them? Find out how to do it by downloading 2015 Precision Farming Dealer Benchmark Study Results (3rd Edition) right now.

PSS: Building your precision business will be an essential part of the future of your dealership. Start you and your team on the path toward more profitability by reading this free eGuide now.