Ag Leader announed it will supply GVM Inc. and New Leader with its ISOBUS-compatible application control technology for the NL4500 G4 Edge sprayer and the MAKO 400HC sprayer.

“Ag Leader brings extensive expertise in application control. With this advanced technology, NL4500 operators are fully equipped to place products when and where they need to be,” stated Marty Wolske, director of marketing, New Leader/Highway Equipment.

The fully customized solution is based upon Ag Leader’s DirectCommand application control and optimized specifically for the NL4500 spreader.

The system connects to Ag Leader and other manufacturers displays using the industry standard ISOBUS interface.

It monitors and controls each spinner independently with control capable of less than 5 RPM difference between each spinner allowing for precise boundary spreading. Spreader functions are fully monitored using sensors and are adjusted automatically for optimum NL4500 performance, resulting in precise application. The control system also monitors hydraulic pressures and temperatures that could detect a developing problem and alert the operator through the ISOBUS interface.

GVM has selected Ag Leader’s most advanced generation of DirectCommand application control products to integrate into the MAKO. Taking advantage of the industry standard ISOBUS interface, the system easily connects to Ag Leader and other manufacturers displays.

“Early in the development of the MAKO, we recognized prospective owners likely already have a functional display in their tractor or combine,” stated Mark Anderson, president of GVM. “It was very important for us to offer a grower-focused machine with ISOBUS application control technology for end-user flexibility. Ag Leader’s superior quality and advanced pressure and flow-based controls made them a great partner for us with this new machine.”

Features of the system include:

  • Easy system calibration: Easily calibrate the flow, pressure and ground speed sensors critical to accurate system performance.
  • Continuous system monitoring: Monitors product flow rates and system pressure to detect and warn of sensor failure or system error.
  • Droplet size monitoring: Ensures in real-time that the proper application is occurring.

Additional technology from Ag Leader including the Versa display, OnTrac3 Assisted Steering System and GPS 6500 receiver will also be available to order.

“We are excited to be a part of this new sprayer platform available from GVM,” said Travis Green, Territory Manager of Ag Leader. “MAKO owners have the flexibility to utilize their existing ISOBUS display or choose the factory-installed Ag Leader display and GPS option to leverage Ag Leader’s intuitive display user-experience providing accurate data collection across all seasons.”