WILLMAR — Haug Implement Co. of Willmar and Litchfield announces the formation of the Integrated Solutions Department through promotions of four employees.

The department’s work will encompass all aspects of John Deere’s farming technologies including hardware such as receivers and monitors, software, telematics, record keeping, and sales, installation, operation, service, and customer training.

Cal Knudsen was promoted to integrated solutions manager. He can be reached for information or consultation at 320-894-4723 or email at calknudsen@haugimp.com.

Sam Romain is a consultant and works with AgLeader precision products, hardware and software, and is the lead sales consultant for aerial imagery. He may be reached at 320-212-7150 and email at samromain@haugimp.com.

Baily Kalkbrenner is customer contact center support representative and administrates Ag Management Solutions accounts and records. She is also an account administrator and data coordinator for AgPixel and is in charge of the customer contact center. She can be reached at 320-212-0023 and by email at bailykalkbrenner@haugimp.com.

Kody Aasen is information technology manager and provides technical support for John Deere, AgLeader, AgPixel Aerial Imagery, MyJohnDeere.com, and Microsoft Windows applications, and provides support with Ag Management Solutions products. He can be reached at 320-212-2934 or by email at kodyaasen@haugimp.com.