Exactly how government regulations for agricultural use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) remains a mystery, but education and training appear to critical pieces of the overall regulatory puzzle for operators. 

As reported in Forbes, Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx indicated during a Oct. 19 press conference that all unmanned aircraft would be required to be registered with the government just as manned aircraft are today.

Foxx announced the formation of a task force consisting of government leaders and diverse stakeholders who will determine the specifics of which drones will be covered — for example, toy drones could be excluded — and how the registration process will work.

Foxx has given the task force until November 20 to complete its work and propose a registration system. He stated that the intent was to issue regulations by mid-December. Up to now, the FAA has required only commercial or public agency operations of unmanned aircraft to be registered with its Aircraft Registry in Oklahoma City.

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