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Tech Specs: YieldTrakk is Topcon Precision Agriculture’s new yield monitoring system, an optical sensing, volumetric solution designed to provide operators with the real-time data collection. It includes monitoring and mapping of yield (in bushels or tons), moisture and cut rate, as well as the total weight of crop during harvest. The system works by using non-contact optical sensors installed in the clean grain elevator to calculate accurate live yield data. The electronic control unit (ECU) converts the measurement into a weight for the crop harvested. When the crop travels up to the bubble up auger, a second set of sensors measure crop moisture level and incorporates that into the data along with the yield output. To help optimize accuracy, the ECU also measures slope variations and corrects the signal for any fluctuation in machine angle.

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WOW Factor: The system is a universal solution designed to fit nearly every brand of combine on today’s market. It includes retrofit solutions for most combines, a plug-and-play application for Claas combines, and a connection using ISOBUS in AGCO Fieldstar II-ready combines. The system is compatible with most software packages in the industry for further analysis by utilizing industry standard ISOXML and shape file format for data export instead of the proprietary data formats used by most competitors. This information can be used to trace inputs and outputs by precise location and allows the user to vary seed, fertilizer, chemical or other inputs as-applied.

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