ST JOSEPH, Mich. — The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) announced the publication of ASABE/ISO 12188-2:2012, Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry — Test procedures for positioning and guidance systems in agriculture — Part 2: Testing of satellite-based auto-guidance systems during straight and level travel.

The new standard is an identical adoption of ISO 12188-2:2012, which was based on the draft ASABE standard X605, Satellite-Based Auto-Guidance Systems Testing During Straight and Level Travel. Initially intended for publication as an ASABE standard, the draft was instead submitted to ISO as a new work item and served as the technical basis for the resulting international standard.

ASABE members with standards access and those with site-license privileges can access the full-text of the standard by electronic download in about two weeks. Location for the download is on the ASABE online Technical Library at: Others can obtain a copy for a fee directly from the library or by contacting ASABE headquarters at

The adoption further harmonizes national and international standardization, a goal that facilitates manufacturing, safety advancements and product marketing worldwide.

ASABE is recognized worldwide as a standards developing organization for food, agricultural, and biological systems, with more than 250 standards currently in publication. Conformance to ASABE standards is voluntary, except where required by state, provincial or other governmental requirements, and the documents are developed by consensus in accordance with procedures approved by the American National Standards Institute. For information on this or any other ASABE standard, contact Scott Cedarquist at 269-932-7031, A current listing of all ASABE standards projects can be found on the ASABE web site at