The Red River Valley Research Corridor and North Dakota Farmers Union are co-hosting the 2016 Precision Ag Action Summit, Jan. 18-19, in Jamestown N.D.

Attendees will hear from experts and presenters on a number of topics, including

  • Cost Control Strategies using Precision Ag
  • Real Farmers, Real Precision Ag
  • Understanding your Equipment and Maximizing Investments
  • Variable Rate Application - It Pays
  • Crop Data Management and Big Data

Attending the summit offers hands on and technical demonstrations of precision agriculture technologies and applications and explanations of applications, procedure and tools designed to lower producer cost and create a more efficient environment for farm production.

Precision agriculture consists of the “art” of exploring options and implementing agronomic practices that are required by a plant species to attain its yield potential in accordance with the spatial and temporal conditions of the field where it is grown. Hence, precision agriculture is not merely about strapping a satellite signal receiving globe on the top of a tractor or combine and coupling that to a microprocessor in the operator station/cab. Rather, precision agriculture is a methodology that, if implemented successfully, integrates three key elements: (1) grower/agronomist information and insight about her/his crop fields and plant species, (2) technology and (3) management practice capable of integrating findings and implementing decisions. The emphasis should not singularly focus upon the technology, but should represent upon the overall methodology.

This event is open to the public and we strongly encourage agriculture producers, researchers, agronomists, manufacturers, business leaders, economic developers, and students who are interested in hearing from experts, exchanging ideas, and learning more about precision agriculture technology, methods, and practices to join us at the 5th Precision Agriculture Action Summit on January 18 & 19 in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Full Agenda