MicaSense, a provider of integrated data solutions, has announced the new Parrot Sequoia sensor, thus expanding on its line of multispectral sensors for drones, as well as the advanced ATLAS cloud data solution to enhance the use of this new sensor.

Sequoia weighs only 107 grams (3.8 oz.) and features 4 narrowband filters optimized for agriculture. A 16Mp RGB imager is useful for crop scouting while an external light sensor with integrated GPS make Sequoia a powerful tool in a small package.

ATLAS enables growers and agricultural professionals to easily view and extract information from multispectral data. ATLAS processes Sequoia data through a seamless cloud interface, automatically organizing processed outputs with no manual filtering or sorting. Creating farms and defining field boundaries can be done via an intuitive user interface. Crop health maps can be viewed in the field from any connected device for advanced scouting.

MicaSense has stated that all new Sequoia operators will be given a complimentary subscription to ATLAS to take advantage of the new remote sensing and analytics capabilities.