SANTA ANA, Calif. — Iteris Inc. announced the availability of Iteris ClearAg Mobile, a grower analytics application that leverages weather, water, soil and crop growth information to equip farmers with field-specific advisories that help them improve the management of their crops. These mobile advisories include: Crop Growth and Health Advisor, Nutrient Advisor, Pest and Disease Advisor, Planting Advisor, Scouting Advisor, Soil, Weather and Water Advisor and Timeline Advisor.

ClearAg Mobile is a mobile application powered by the Iteris EMPower learning platform, an adaptive forecasting engine for precision farming that combines weather and agronomic data with machine learning technology. As the platform learns about a grower’s farm, fields and crops through their use of the ClearAg Service, its adaptive engine recalibrates to provide the most precise and relevant data for specific field operations.

As real-time weather events appear in the forecast, ClearAg Mobile provides insights, enabling real-time decisions in context to current, forecasted and historical conditions. For example, ClearAg Mobile equips growers with location-specific advisories on best times to access fields, plant, spray, irrigate, fertilize and harvest.

“Whether in the office or in the field, ClearAg Mobile provides growers with precise information at the exact time they need it to minimize the risks and maximize productivity throughout the entire crop growing season,” said Tom Blair, senior vice president of Iteris’ Performance Analytics Division.  “Essentially, ClearAg Mobile is a grower’s ‘smart farm advisor’ — it leverages robust agronomic and proprietary land-surface models, and is equipped with machine learning and artificial intelligence that dynamically learns about specific farm operations to continually improve the decision support it offers farmers.”  

ClearAg Live, Premium Weather Forecasting Services

Growers subscribing to use ClearAg Mobile will also receive complimentary access to ClearAg Live, Iteris’ premium weather forecasting service that provides ClearAg Mobile users with access to expert meteorologists via phone for customized weather forecasts. As real-time weather events show up in current and forecasted conditions, ClearAg Mobile users can call Iteris’ seasoned meteorologists for additional support.

ClearAg Live is an add-on to the ClearAg Service that includes the use of ClearAg Mobile. Growers signing up for ClearAg Service including the ClearAg Mobile will have complimentary access to meteorological support from now until June 30.

ClearAg Mobile is available through a subscription of the ClearAg Service. Growers subscribing to the ClearAg Service can download ClearAg Mobile to any Apple device operating on iOS 8.4 and above.