SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — WinField has added Mavrx to its Answer Tech portal, giving farmers and their retail partners the ability to more accurately analyze fields in-season. Mavrx is a total field awareness system that uses aerial imagery and data analysis. Its suite of precision tools combines ultra-high-resolution (UHR) imagery with weather, soil, satellite and topographic data to produce detailed analysis and insights that can be easily accessed throughout the growing season.

Mavrx streamlines work for the ag retailer, including crop scouting, nitrogen fertilizer prescriptions and crop progress updates.

WinField, a Land O'Lakes company, provides ag technology tools and services, as well as seed and crop protection products. Its Answer Tech web portal and mobile app store brings together agronomic decision-support and management applications in one toolbox. Answer Tech provides education, evaluation and access to all WinField proprietary and partnered apps.

"Mavrx is very pleased to be part of Answer Tech," said Max Bruner, CEO, Mavrx. "Now, farmers and retailers who seek the highest level of efficiency have the ability to plan ahead, order new UHR imagery on demand, and receive insights quickly so that timely action can be taken in the field."

"Having Mavrx as part of our Answer Tech portal gives farmers and retailers a new way to access vital information, including aerial imagery and analytics, so they can be successful at harvest," said James Coday, marketing manager for Ag Technology, WinField. "The features and benefits offered by Mavrx fit very well with WinField's commitment to enable ag professionals to optimize yield potential."

More information on Mavrx tools available through Answer Tech can be found here: