OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Farmobile, the farm data company, announced an expansion of its Minnesota Data Store. Beginning in this year’s harvest season, any Minnesota farmer who automatically collects their Electronic Field Record (EFR) harvest data via a Farmobile PUC and also provides their EFR planting data is eligible for the $2/acre guarantee.

“Last spring we saw great traction with our Data Store promotion and we’re keeping that momentum rolling into the fall,” said Jason Tatge, CEO and founder of Farmobile. “As part of this announcement, we are removing the $1 million cap that was in place last spring. Any Minnesota farmer who provides complete EFR records will be eligible to claim this new revenue opportunity.”

Alongside the Data Store news, Farmobile also announced a strategic partnership with Grower Information Services Cooperative (GiSC). With membership spanning 38 states, GiSC members can benefit from Farmobile’s PUC (passive uplink connection), a small plug-and-play device that rides in the cab and automatically collects and stores machine and agronomy data in one place. The partnership gives Farmobile access to far more farmers; as a result, Farmobile is able to expand the Data Store so that all farmers in Minnesota can be a part.

“Both GiSC and Farmobile believe that growers should own their data outright, maintain control and access of the use of that data. As a member owned cooperative with a focus on digital assets, a partnership with Farmobile is pretty natural,” said Jason Ward, Executive Director of GISC. “Like Farmobile, we feel an urgency around the need for farmers to become more aware of their data’s value and more vigilant in protecting these assets. We, along with our members, are excited to be a part of the Minn. Data Store because it begins to define a tangible value for the data. We believe we are at the beginning of an industry changing mind-set and have found the co-op vehicle as an effective way to unite like-minded farmers.”

GiSC and Farmobile both share the same foundational belief that farm data is intellectual property. Ownership is the first step, but farmers also must to be the gatekeepers of their data. Strategic alliances, such as this one, are designed to help farmers by providing better tools to capture and control their all of their farm data.

“Field data is one of the most value assets a farmer can harvest. Our partnership with GiSC instantly helps farmers to protect that asset by effortlessly capturing and storing their data securely,” said Jason Tatge. “Field data is an integral part of all farmers’ livelihoods and should be treated as such. It’s representative of their core IP, and the road to new revenue opportunities.”