Green Aero TechGreen Aero Tech, a Canadian-based drone imagery provider, has just struck a deal to provide data to two of the largest John Deere dealerships in Canada — Enns Brothers and Western Sales.

This collaboration will give John Deere customers access to drone services that generate imagery they can use to make critical decisions about their land and water management.

“We’re not drones for the sake of drones,” explains Scott Hiebert, CEO of Green Aero Tech. “We tailor our services to the client. For Enns Brothers and Western Sales we can use our team of trained pilots and top of the line drones to collect accurate data and then work with their integrated solutions team to deliver vital information to their customers.”

From elevation reports that relate to drainage, multi-spectral imaging for crop stress management, and thermal for research purposes the Green Aero Tech range of services gives these dealerships solutions for their clients, adding to the value of their customer relationships. They’re also developing a special application program interface (API) for John Deere dealerships to ensure seamless integration with their existing software.

“Working with Green Aero Tech means we’re capable of delivering solutions to our entire trade area,” explains Mitch Rezansoff, Integrated Solutions Manager at Enns Brothers. “With their proven track record we know that Green Aero Tech are utilizing the best technology for our clients, giving them superior quality reports that can make a real difference to their business. They’re a trusted extension of our team, putting the latest in drone technology right at our fingertips.”

For Green Aero Tech this deal gives them access to the customer bases of two of Canada’s largest John Deere dealerships.

“We’re focusing on working with the teams at Enns Brothers and Western Sales so they can be confident when they speak to their customers about the benefits of this service,” explains Hiebert. “When we show people how this technology can save time, effort, and money it’s really a no-brainer. This is the way of the future, and we’re offering the top service in Canada to meet the demand that’s out there. We’ve recently taken on additional pilots for our expansion across Canada, and into the USA.”

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