The John Deere Operations Center delivers value to farmers with tools and features that enable them to easily access farm information to better manage their operations. They are able to see what is happening, analyze performance and collaborate with partners to gain insights, increase profits, and direct their plans with more precision in the field.

A new page, “More Tools”, recently released within the Operations Center, provides information and links to solutions from other companies that are utilizing the John Deere open data platform.  This powerful arrangement allows farmers to access the tools they need from many top Ag software providers while still keeping their data housed in a single location for simplicity and convenience. 

“This new page represents a significant step forward for our John Deere precision Ag data solutions,” says Kevin Krieg, software segment manager, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group. “Farmers will now have the ability to not only use our premium Ag data management solution with the John Deere Operations Center, but they will be able to customize their own ‘data toolbox’.”

An example of this collaboration is the work being done with a satellite imagery company which will use field boundaries located within the farmer’s Operations Center to locate and organize imagery files. This is easier and more efficient because the farmer doesn’t have to recreate his entire field set-up in multiple systems and the field information can move automatically and securely within the data platform. 

“The option to pick and choose the solutions that make sense for an operation with practically no extra effort needed to transfer data between them is key for simplicity and usability,” explains Krieg.  “This setup keeps the farmers in control of their data when they collaborate with trusted partners to put that data to work enhancing their performance and profitability.”

Also, to get the most out of the Operations Center and associated mobile apps and software, John Deere offers JDLink Connect, which seamlessly connects the machine to the Operations Center and takes the burden of data collection and transmission off of the farmer.  In addition to agronomic data, it collects machine data to give the full picture of what is happening on the farm.  Of course, JDLink also connects those machines directly to the dealer for unmatched services and support. 

Companies that are interested in utilizing the John Deere API can find more about how to connect at