Topcon announced a new addition to its line of high-torque electric steering systems, the AES-35. It is designed to offer hydraulic performance with electric convenience to produce accurate electric steering for a wide range of vehicles.

“Designed for non-steer-ready and other specialty vehicles, the AES-35 is a ruggedized, weatherproof system capable of installation on in-cab and, more importantly, open-platform or non-cab environments,” said Nicola Finardi, Topcon Agriculture lead for innovation and product development. “Unlike many steering assist units in the market, the Topcon AES-35 — along with the already proven Topcon AES-25— are systems offering industry leading features that other universal or electro-mechanical units do not yet offer.

“Like the AES-25, the AES-35’s high-torque electric motor can operate in both forward and reverse to produce auto-steering at all levels of accuracy when used with the Topcon AGI-4 GNSS receiver/steering controller,” said Finardi. “The AES-35 can even operate with RTK positioning accuracy, providing auto-steering performance to 2 cm. It is also capable of operating with wheel angle sensors that are sometimes required in applications requiring high-accuracy with repeatability.”

Compatible with a wide range of equipment, including tractors, sprayers, spreaders, swathers and combines, the AES-35 offers new flexibility in GPS auto-steering to operations that do not use cabbed vehicles.

Finardi said, “Auto-steering is great technology that enables productivity and profitability. The AES-25 brought high-performance electric steering to non-steer-ready equipment. Now, the AES-35 brings that same high-accuracy electric steering performance to open-platform or non-cab equipment, which opens up new markets for Topcon worldwide.”