3RIVE 3D is an innovative insecticide delivery platform developed by FMC and Micro-Trak Systems Inc. It is specifically designed to apply Capture 3RIVE 3D Insecticide, the leading liquid in-furrow brand. It features a 130 gallon water tank, a 30 gallon chemical tank and state-of-the-art control and blockage monitor systems.

When combined with water and air, the Capture 3RIVE 3D chemical expands up to 50x in volume to provide a continuous 3D Zone of Protection in-furrow, protecting against corn rootworms, cutworms, wireworms, grubs and other seedling pests. Results prove significant improvement in yield and compelling plant stand increase when using Capture 3RIVE 3D. 

3RIVE 3D allows the grower to cover up to 500 acres per fill, saving water, fuel, labor and time. 3RIVE 3D eliminates issues like container handling, inconvenience, high water volume and weight on the planter. It allows completion of corn planting days sooner. It runs longer between refills, refills faster, and treats more acres from each fill while eliminating moving and lifting bulky dry granular boxes. The system easily mounts to all major planter brands. 

For more information, please visit www.Micro-Trak.com.