vApplyHD is an industry first: an on-row liquid control product that incorporates flow measurement and control into a single device. Most farmers believe their liquid application system evenly distributes liquid fertilizer across a field. However, our research shows current systems on the market today have 15 - 30% row-to-row variation of application. This variation creates hidden hunger (unobservable deficiency) and wasteful application.

This need drove Precision Planting to create vApplyHD. It’s a highly accurate row-by-row liquid system, so it can be incorporated into a fertility plan across the entire range of application rates for all passes through the field. It’s also the only system available that controls for swath, curves, speed change and rate change on a row-by-row basis. All while being simple to use, without modification.

vApplyHD is compatible with all Precision Planting 20/20 SeedSense products.

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